5 Things WordPress Developer Must Know

5 Things WordPress Developer Must Know

A great tool WordPress is very easy to get started. Initially, WordPress was started for blogging and now it is used as a full Content Management System. It consists of different plug-in, widgets and themes. Now-a-days, it has become one of the top Content management systems with lots of developers working in this Platform.

Everyone wants to do well in their project. Successful projects benefits both WordPress developer as well as the company. When initiating your WordPress project you should be careful and follow the steps or procedure that helps to complete your project successfully. WordPress also provides flexibility to those developers and users who are not much familiar with the platform.

5 Things WordPress Developer Must Know

Quality of resource

Quality of a resource accessible on search engines is a key resource of WordPress that every developer has to know. There are large numbers of professional WordPress developer, but all of them do not get the attention as they deserve. Thus, WordPress developers have to focus on quality of the resource.

Enqueue your scripts and styles

You always have to enqueue your script,s as well as style when developing a site. At the time you are creating themes or plug-in you have to load external files. However, you may find a lot of things in every WordPress. An easy solution is initiated with wp_enqueue_script function; you are able to load as well as register a library or script and load only one copy of it.A similar rule is applicable for styles, however they do not create much harm. A good option to load a standard styles are styling for jQuery plug-in or CSS for HTML bootstraps.

Allocate GZIP

A server side GZIP lets you to compress your files before sending them. To use GZIP you need a simple code snippet which should be added to your .htaccess file. It benefits you by saving your time.

Do not use WYSIWYG from the beginning

When you use WYSIWYG editor for blogging or updating on WordPress it creates domino-effect problem. This problem mostly arises when your style sheet is not arranged for it and when you insert any anticipated code. Therefore, do not make a habit of using WYSIWYG from the beginning.

Optimizing your database

You should optimize your database at least one or two times a month. In order to optimize, you can use a plug-in or do it manually. By optimizing it, you can make sure that your queries are as good as they can be. It also reduces the size of your database.

At the end, the above point helps WordPress developer to complete their project in a better way. WordPress has become one of the most well-recognised Content management System to perform a different project. Most of the WordPress developers want to perform their task in WordPress CMS. Following these points they can drive their project in a better way.

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