Presently, everyone depends on the internet to accomplish their daily activities. Through the mobile device, they can explore to the internet from the place they want and mobile apps have made their work more convenient. Mobile apps are the computer program designed and developed to run on various mobile devices. It has become a key component for both business and customer looking for an easy and quick way to perform their daily operation in today’s busy schedule.

The guys from Techiestate also speculate that mobile apps have become more important than a website. Simply, mobile apps are the way for customers to get in touch with a company conveniently and instantly through the mobile device on their hand. Some business application also gives the proper value for your present customer which is also a simple way to get new customers making your business more reliable.

Looking at the above statistics, we are clear that mobile-only internet users are increasing every year. So, mobile devices are very popular among the users and mobile apps will make their work more simple and easy. If you are a business proprietor, do not be late to upgrade your website and mobile apps otherwise you might lack behind your competitors.

Mobile apps operate well on different mobile devices, including android devices. There are four main categories of Operating System working in mobile technology, which includes Windows, Android, Blackberry and Apple IOS.

The operating system, Android apps are initiated by Android platform of Google and mainly designed and developed for Android devices. It is obtainable in Google play store which was previously named as Android Market. These apps operate well on different devices like android smartphone, Google TV, Tablets and much more.

There are varieties of android apps which are available for free and with some charge. Here in this article, we will talk about those superior android apps which will definitely make your life better.



One of the well-admired android apps Evernote refers to the multi-tool. This tool is a fine list keeper, voice recorder, Web clipper and note taker. It is open and influential which might be overwhelming initially but instantly you will quickly adapt it and employ it properly. One of its best features includes Optical Character Reorganization (OCR) that makes text within the photos searchable.


  • Build Knowledge together
  • Represent your ideas and knowledge in a click
  • Find what your team knows and understands
  • Simply capture work relevant content in Business Notebooks.
  • Easily any place from any device
  • Centralise your company’s understanding

Google Drive


Google drive consists of a finest cloud storage service and also performs a dual task as superior mobile office set. It provides you complete accessibility in your essential files and document and can use them from any place you prefer.

Additionally, it also allows generating the new spreadsheet, text as well as presentation document and works together with other individuals from the android device you enclose. Even though it may not substitute your desktop office utility, yet it appears somehow closer, helps you in your day to day operations.


  • Voice typing
  • Research from Google Docs
  • File sharing
  • Offline mode
  • Bookmark individual part
  • Office compatibility mode

Nova Launcher


Nova Launcher is extremely customizable launder intended for modern android. It is available with some chance and also allows tracking on gesture controls, unseen count badges for various applications along with the icon swipe action. In addition, this launcher also lets you develop a look of the launcher as per your desire and operate the way you desire it to appear.


  • Backup and restore your home screen set up
  • Icon theming
  • Varieties of customization components for home screen
  • Gestures
  • Icon Swipes
  • Folder icons



Android app LastPass refers to the password manager which appears one step forward compared to other apps. New updates have made mobile use completely free with finest premium subscription services which include some charge for syncing through a mobile to desktop and vice versa.

As you sign in, you will get each thing on your mobile devices. Thus, it is better to integrate LastPass in your android device. Additionally, it also does a certain task like saving passwords and save them during auto-fill for websites as well as applications that you employ frequently.


  • Keeps your company password in a protected vault
  • Passwords can be used by your team without knowing as well
  • Time-saving via enhanced system access
  • Simple to employ automated form filler

Google Play music


Android app Google Play Music lets you play local content and there is some streaming application which allows you to stream the content. You can get this app free of cost and with some charge, you can get playlist supports and different internet radio choice. While adding in YouTube Red it provides an extra feature which includes removal of ads from YouTube with wonderful experiences.


  • Listen to your music at your desired place without syncing
  • Great experience of music deprived of advertisements
  • Access to radio with limitless skips
  • Purchase new music on Google play



The most well-recognised android app Groupon is freely available which assists you to discover agreements as well as a voucher for different companies, restaurants and events within your region. Every voucher that you acquire can be employed instantly and store them for future use if required.

This app is nicely designed and is very convenient to use. This app benefits you with various services like vacations, holiday shopping and at the time you are not in the city. It contains one problem which is it might not support at some places, thus you should check and look the regions that it supports.


  • Purchase and exchange deals straight from your android device
  • Lets tracking your acquired coupons through an area and expiry date
  • Save links avoiding traumatic paper cut via cutting another voucher

Wrapping Up,

These are some superior Android apps which will make your life better. Open source platform Android is available free of cost. This platform offers developers an extensive approach to developing different types of application which are extremely demanded OS for mobile technology.

Today, all over the globe, android app development is completed instantly. Additionally, superior android apps also benefit many company proprietors to acquire their audiences maximising the traffic to the site.

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