Everyone looks for the convenient way to perform their daily task. Today, due to ease of mobile devices almost every mobile user prefers to explore the internet through the mobile device on their hand. This makes mobile app development more popular. The mobile app development includes the term employed to represent the procedure through which application software is designed and developed for various portable devices.

Worldwide number of mobile-internet users


The above statistics shows the worldwide number of mobile-only internet users from the year 2010 to 2015. The number of mobile-only internet users deprived of set lines is predictable to the number up to 788.32 million subscribers within 2015. This shows mobile users are increasing day by day and developing an applicable mobile app can make their work easier and quicker.

However, developing a mobile app can be a challenging experience as it holds a number of principles and techniques. Keep in mind, mobile app development that does not correspond to the recent trend is useless, thus you need to focus on developing the app applicable for today’s mobile users matching well with today’s trends.

Now, we are at the starting of the year 2016 and if you are mobile app developer then you need to first research on mobile app development trends arising in 2016. To save your time and make your task easy, here in this article I have attempted my best to provide you with some crucial mobile app development trends 2016. To explore more about mobile app development trends follow me till the end.

Check out mobile app development trend 2016 that you need to get familiar with:

  1. Greater emphasis on customer Experience

Instead of applying some marketing approach, business should pay more attention to developing good customer experience along with their brand. Every company should work with the goal of developing a good customer experience. Since mobile devices have changed the way we purchase and relate the details, companies should develop their mobile app and web solution making some good impression on customers.

Additionally, mobile apps and website have to be analysed from their place with the purchase course of consumers counting their experience to provide the requirements of customers. Make sure you are not going to assume what your consumers are doing rather attempt to track and view an appropriate data. This is essential to develop customer experience which provides the way you customers are employing your app and the way they love to use it without enough features as well. Thus, mobile app development trend 2016 reveals the importance of customer experience which you need to follow.

  1. Quicker mobile development

With billions of mobile devices connected throughout the globe and to satisfy the demand of mobile users at an improved mobile app development rate, many companies are doing their best to adapt the mobile app development quickly.

Within the year 2016 and ahead, the phase among the first app concept and the commence needs to reduce considerably. Different types of solution which also includes quick mobile app development tools along with the frameworks are available in the marketplace which shows no signals of preventing constant rate to customers every step of the way.

  1. Additional Cross-platform tools

Today, there are varieties of devices so the project working on only one platform might be impossible to discover. Starting from wearable technologies to other app development there will emerge of additional cross-platform tools in 2016. This shows mobile app development will not limit to one platform and a rush of cross-platform developments begins to get in progress.

  1. Push Notification

2016 can be a great year for mobile app development agency as this year shows improvements on push notification strategy. Increasingly, useful tools are going to become essential while it does not only limit to holding customers but also makes them engaged.

Indeed, push notification includes the way mobile user communications are initiated at the present time. Every company should think about building smart push notification agenda which are more tailored offering enhanced contextual application.

  1. Integration with Cloud technology

The year 2016 integrates one of the recent advance technologies, cloud technology, which is predictable to play a vital role in mobile app development. With the raise and improve in different mobile devices available in the marketplace, together with increasing the status it is handy to develop harmonisation of applications over several devices on the marketplace which is important for practice.

Most of the mobile app developer looking forward to developing functionalities essential for easy and quick sync data over an extensive spectrum of devices. The accomplishment of your business in this part depends on the application which might be employed by customers on not.

  1. Content determined

Almost every marketer have discovered to the way they worked earlier was not useful when employed on mobile devices. Since mobile marketing needs own strategies; most of the customers turn off due to excessive marketing mobile devices. Thus, content determined method has become essential for the companies.

The main components for the upcoming mobile success will be the capability to personalise the mobile that provides some applicable content in it. Through the development of an opt-in program for tracking data linked with the way, customers use the app will make proficient in providing content precisely to the interest of the user.

Mobile benefits many customers providing a demographic detail which surely helps in improving the customer experience. Together with the system to view activities and adjust, hence influential marketing can be performed through the mobile devices which are in the hands of the customer.

  1. Targeting ad

Since business improves their capability, creating a reliable experience for their consumers, ad targeting will definitely enhance and become more useful. For more handy ads you can completely depend on various sources available. When the consumers start using the app they will provide their experiences together with the details which can become very helpful.

By building a data program, you can be capable of leveraging their performance in the app for refining their experiences with an ad which are more applicable. Once you include the context of their location, your advertising plan will be more influential.

Wrapping Up,

There are mobile app development trends 2016 which you need to follow. Since building a mobile app can be good to progress business and availability. You can follow these trends and make your mobile app more effective.

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