Web design business has become the top career choice in today’s business market. With day-to-day increasing popularity, the number of web design agencies is growing at a rapid speed and the competition within these web design companies is not a joke. Advertising and building your web design business reputation in the market needs both your creativity and a deep understanding of marketing techniques.

Sydney is the most populated and most competitive place for businesses. If you want to survive in this globally competitive city, you need to make your business extraordinary and give something unique and extra to your customers. Whether you are an experienced business or a startup with high skills, if you lack proper marketing strategy and planning, then you will definitely end up facing failure.

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What do customers look for – better-skilled web design agencies or better market-reputed web design agencies in Sydney?

Actually, both matter a lot. But, customers are found checking both the online and offline reputation of the company before they approach them for their project. Having skills only won’t bring you the projects or clients. So, it is a must to build a better reputation in your business niche, be it by promoting your business online or reaching out to your potential client offline.

There are tonnes of web design agencies in Sydney claiming to be better than each other. Each of these businesses is using the best marketing resources in promoting their business and improving their digital presence. If you want to keep pace with these businesses and market your web design business well then, you need to have proper marketing strategies and approaches. To help you run a successful web design business and make things simple, we have prepared a quick list of the top 13 steps that can help you market your web design business in Sydney.

Tips to market your web design business in Sydney

Start with your own website

nirmal websiteEverything is digital today. From small-sized business to larger enterprises, all business is online and is focusing too hard on improving their online presence. Businesses are found investing dollars in their business websites, as websites are the most effective means of promoting any business to the world. Even customers browse the internet and research before buying a product or choosing a company to entrust their projects.

You should not only own a company website but, you should also make sure to have an outstanding and well-optimised website that will make your business stand out of the crowd and help you to move forward. Your website plays a vital role in establishing a first impression to your potential clients, and its right in your hand, whether to make that first impression good or bad. Try to design an elegant yet professional website, which showcases all your services and skills. Don’t forget to introduce your team. Giving information to each team member helps to gain the trust of your potential clients to some level. Always keep your important content above the fold as users are unlikely to scroll down too much.

Keep your online portfolio versatile


Consider setting up an online portfolio of all your works. Try to capture your customers’ attention with your best design and lure them to check out your recent and previous works. Having best designs websites in your portfolio will surely make your potential clients interested and amplify that you are exactly what they are looking for. Keep one thing in mind, your main priority here is to display your best possible work. So, try to keep your portfolio as versatile as you could. Demonstrate all your works, both previous and recent works providing a wide range of genres to your clients. Having too many works showcased will definitely add an advantage to you.

Online Advertising is the best

You might be offering brilliant services to clients and your work might be the best than your competitors but, what if you are poor at advertising? What if people are unaware of your quality work and the best services that you have been providing? So, think about paying for online advertising. You can start by ad listings on high-traffic websites, listing your business in paid business directories and doing pay-per-click ad campaigns with the most popular search engines that you think your potential clients might be using.

Stay active on social media


Social media is one of the most powerful platforms for business promotion and networking today. Its usage is continuously increasing and is already at the top of internet activity beating out the message, email and even games. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are the most popular platforms where millions of people are active every second.

If you come up with a proper social media marketing strategy and implement them, you can definitely turn tonnes of social media users into your customers. Being a web design agency, it is surely a challenging task to promote your business and get leads. If you are not too familiar with social media marketing then, hire social media experts and come up with creative social marketing methods and implement them. Besides these popular social media platforms, research your industry-related communities and establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Stay active as much as you can.

Say yes to SEO

Over 85% of people search online before finding a local business. This tells you the exact importance of having your business online. However, only having a website won’t do a miracle and bring you a number of clients. Search engine optimises your website so that it can show up in the SERPs while your ideal clients search for your services. If you are not familiar with search engine optimisation then, research or hire someone skilled who can help you bring your website to the top position of SERP. If you could provide SEO services to your clients assuring them that their websites are going to be seen in the SERP then, you can have more value and on the other hand, you can grab the attention of your potential clients.

Killer website and blog content

Since content plays a vital role in luring Google and customers, focus on creating unique and user-centric content. Make sure that your website content includes all the details about you, what you do, how you do and so on. Make it engaging and informative so that the users get the information they are seeking for easily and get attached to it, hence, ultimately ending up revisiting your website again.  Consider starting your own blog with content that showcases your credibility and knowledge. If you could engage your follower with your unique blog content then, it is sure that you can turn those followers to your potential clients at some stage.



Testimonials are one of the most powerful sources of trust that you can give to your potential customers. People believe in the words told by other fellow customers than the words that you blab. So, consider collecting customer reviews and endorsements from your old customers and display them in the visible section of your website beautifully and neatly. Don’t forget to add the links to the work that you have done for that particular client. If it’s okay with your old client then, think about providing links or means of contact along with their name so that your potential clients can contact them and ask about your services. This can for sure help you generate more trust and generate leads.

List your business on marketplaces

There are numbers of marketplaces where you can list your business and bid for projects. You will find the free version of those sites but, if you go with the premium version then you can get more features. So, I would recommend you invest some dollars and go with a premium version. After all, if you are surely going to get projects then, there’s no harm in investing a few dollars in those sites. Some of the sites you can get started with are freelancer.com, oDesk, ifreelance, freelancify, 99designs and so on. Besides these sites, you can also think about getting your website listed in local business directories where your potential clients can easily find you. On the other hand, listing your website in local business directories is good for the SEO of your website.

Consider guest blogging


Guest blogging is one of the effective ways to promote your business and get high traffic to your website. It is one of the most recommended strategies for linking with high PR websites and developing your authority. Improve your branding by appearing on reputable blogs of your business niche.  

By guest blogging about your knowledge and experience, you can reach far more people by combining other bloggers’ audiences and building your online influence. It helps in building your domain and search engine authority. The sharing of your skill and knowledge to help others not only interests the readers but also helps you build your professional identification among the readers and other business niches.

Be Active Offline

Whenever you get a chance for a certain professional meet-up, industry-related conferences, workshops or other gatherings, show up and start a conversation with other fellow participants. People usually tend to remember the name and faces of the people they have a face-to-face conversation with. Attending these types of conferences and meet-ups might not bring you customers but, it will surely bring you people to network with.

Having a proper network with people in your niche can help you get customers in future. If they like you, they might end up recommending you to their friends and other people in their circle. On the other hand, attending industry-related conferences, meet-ups and gatherings always give you valuable information on the latest business trends, technologies, and marketing strategies.

Build recurring relationships: Stay personal

If you are not staying in contact with your previous clients after the completion of the project then, it is time to change this old habit. Finding new clients is surely a hard task, but, selling your new services or products to your old client is a lot easier.

Staying in touch with your old clients, though you have already completed the project can give your old clients the feeling that you still care about them which will end them up recommending you to their other friends and even buying your new products or services. So, from time to time offer feedback on their work, send them holiday greetings and mail cards, help them promote their business on social media, offer them SEO services or you might also try sending them monthly reports on their sites to keep them engaged.

Just do whatever you can to build recurring relationships with your clients and show them that you are devoted to them. Believe me; this will definitely help you make your future sales quicker and easier.

Offer deal customer can’t deny


Who does not like offers and deals? Everybody loves it, even me; I am a great fan of offers and deals. I just love them, be they a smaller one or a mega pack one. Come up with great marketing strategies on amazing deals, discounts, and offers that can easily lure your potential clients. You can even organise a referral campaign and reward the people who refer you to your clients. It is a win-win situation for both you and the person who refers you. Advertising your deals and offers on social media platforms, you should never forget this. You can also try online ads to promote your offers and deals and make sure it is reached more people.

Make Valuable partnerships

Now, it’s time to think more. Making valuable partnerships can be a brilliant way to acquire customers, drive revenue and enter a new market. You can rely on your partners for new ideas and strategies, insights and expertise that can boost your company’s performance, understand your business market and lead to business growth. So, put your networking skills and find the best and most valuable partnerships for your business.

You can partner with developers, branding and PR companies. These are surely the best option for a partnership as they have completely different services than you, so there’s no competition. Rather having a partnership with these types of companies can guarantee your projects stay in your safety net.

Make use of testimonials and reviews on Your Website & Digital Accounts

Testimonials and reviews have been a few of the most important factors for marketing a website design firm. Positive comments from satisfied consumers can help prospective clients develop confidence and credibility. Including testimonials and evaluations on the agency’s website, social media profiles, and other marketing activities/platforms can help prospective customers choose the agency over rivals.

Build Authority By Providing Knowledge

Developing influence in the website design industry can assist the firm in positioning itself as a thought leader and specialist in the field. Providing useful information to prospective customers, such as blog posts, whitepapers, and case studies, can help show the agency’s expertise and provide value. You can create confidence and position your website and company as a go-to resource for website design services by sharing updates, case studies, knowledge and insights.

Target Right Customer Base

Targeting the correct customer base is essential for successfully marketing a website design firm. Understanding prospective clients’ requirements and trouble points can help the firm customise its marketing messages to connect with the target population. Creating buyer personas, performing market research, and developing targeted marketing strategies that reach prospective clients where they are most likely to be discovered, such as social media platforms or industry-specific websites, may all be part of this.

What’s more?

Starting up a business is a lot easier but leading that business and getting customers is surely a hard task. Being in the field of web design, it is a normal thing not to have marketing skills, but it does not mean you should not market your business. You need to come up with a proper marketing strategy and resources to lure your potential clients. With the above-mentioned tips, you can easily market your web design business not only in Sydney but anywhere. So, hurry up and implement these tips to market your web design business today. Good Luck!

Now, it’s your turn

Do you own a web design business? If yes, then how have you grown your business? What are your best marketing strategies for getting clients?

I’d love to know your web design business strategies and the story of success. Please, share it with us in the comment box below.