Before proceeding towards an importance of responsive web design, let us know what responsive web design actually is. Well, it is a smart web design approach intended to craft website offering the best experience with easy navigation and minimum resizing and scrolling through an extensive range of devices from desktops to mobile device.

These days, people use different types of mobile devices like Smartphones, Apple, Tablet and many others to complete their everyday task rather than desktop devices. This has made mobile devices and apps very popular. The website that does not fit well on the screen of the mobile device may not be admired by mobile users. Besides, every task from exploring social media channels, viewing the emails and other essential tasks are done through mobile devices.

As a use of mobile internet is improving progressively, it is essential to make your website mobile compatible. When you design your website focusing on desktop users and develop other sites for mobile users, you are losing time, effort and budget on two websites when you can simply focus both desktop and mobile device developing one website.

Additionally, mobile devices have evolved the approach to design and user experience. Earlier than enhance of mobile devices with improved web-browsing capacity, web designer enclosed only a major challenge to handle with similar appearance and experience of the web solution in every desktop browser.

Importance of responsive web design

1. Recommended by Google

Most of the user depends on Google to search for the stuff they are looking for. Search engine Google looks for the website that is user-friendly. Responsive web design is highly recommended by Google as they can be viewed from any device employed by users and they can browse your site from anywhere they desire. Since responsive web design contains only one URL with similar HTML on every device which makes Google easy to crawl and index the website effortlessly.

Besides, Google admires responsive web design as the content that exists on one website and one URL is convenient for visitors to share, interrelate with and link compared to the content that is developed for a separate mobile website. For an instance, mobile users who share content through mobile devices among their circle on Social media sites which can access that content on both desktop and mobile platform will be easy to gain traffic and get the content easily. This makes your website SEO-friendly as well.

2. Enhanced Search Engine Rankings

Search engine Google favours the website that uses responsive web design as it supports different devices fitting well in various screen sizes. Developing a responsive website will surely help to enhance the searching engine ranking as mobile users are increasing and most of the users prefer a mobile device to browse the website they are looking for.
Google rewards the website that is mobile-friendly and penalises the site that does not contain responsive layout. Thus, developing responsive web design is one of the essential factors in SEO which surely enhances search engine rankings.

3. Boost conversion rates

Along with search advantages, responsive web design also has the capability to boost the desirable conversion rates from all of the mobile users in the globe. Based on the research, about 70% of customer uses mobile devices to shop online. This shows online shoppers are increasing every day and most of the customer prefer mobile devices to shop online instead of turning on the desktops.
Thus, when visitors have lots of work to carry out and work on the conversion at the same time. They will surely go for a conversion. For an instance, as responsive web design can fit on the size of a different screen, web developer holds complete control on the way conversion components will display on the mobile devices.

Additionally, a responsive layout also lets you perform essential testing and mapping which can be done via the software such as Clicktale. This indicates you are allowed to divide users through mobile and achieve superior image on how those visitors interact with your online presence. Once you are done with this, you can find different effective sale techniques and marketing approach which surely helps to boost conversion rates.

4. Improved User Experience

Google mainly focuses on user experience. The way you design the website should bring good user experience otherwise your website is worthless. User experience plays a significant role influencing visitors to your website through their desired devices anytime they like.

You can completely depend on responsive web design for optimal user experience from any device your visitors use either tablet, desktop or Smartphone. This will make convenient for the reader to read and navigate the website. Responsive design gives a good experience to the users exploring from both mobile and desktop device. No scrolling or resizing is required for any users to access the website from their beloved  device

5. Simple to manage

Developing a separate website for mobile and desktop device needs separate SEO techniques which can be expensive as well as time-consuming. To run a separate SEO campaign is very challenging as you need to allocate separate time for both desktop and mobile devices. So, here responsive web design can be very helpful as it helps to develop one site suitable for all the devices and easy to manage as well.

Wrapping Up,

These are some importance of responsive web design for your business. Responsive web design lets a layout of the website according to the screen size being employed to view the website. Responsive web design rather than a trend has become must necessary for all the business. If you do not have a responsive layout, then you are lacking behind today’s competitive marketplace. You are surely losing lots of users approaching towards your website. So, make your website responsive and expand the reach of your website engaging more users towards the website.

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