If you have an online business, no matter a tiny start-up or an established firm, you might have a question like this  “How could I bring more traffic to my website and increase the conversion rate?”

As the proverb says – to do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools.

If your customers are few and far between, it might make a use of social media. It is the top-of-the-line way to take the centre stage on the Internet and is the fast lane.

The following are some popular social media platforms used and loved by the public.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr

Today, let me share you some of the critical tips you must carry forth on your social media platforms. Please be aware that these are my personal suggestions, and this whole article is based on personal readings and opinions.

1. A picture is worth a thousand words

Give a try using a visual way to deliver the core message, either with pictures or wrapped into Infographics, video or presentation that can increase the reader’s interest.

Remember, few words with a vivid picture.

If you want to drive traffic to other websites, a vivid figure with a striking sentence and a link, and that is enough.

2. Post the original visual content

Using the original picture better shows the uniqueness of the company.

For instance,

Use the promotion picture to be the Facebook cover photo, or shoot a microfilm. Both ways could raise the visibility and bring traffic by increasing the public’s interest.

Remember, when shooting events; try to include more audience, because everyone wants to see themselves in the photo or video.

It will not only encourage them to leave their comments on the fan page but also highly increase the interaction with potential customers.

What is more, it will drive them to share the picture or video on the social media platforms with their friends.

Keep in mind, the article or post that is inspiring or informative is frequently shared.

3. An artistic story marketing

The story marketing has been commonly used for a long time and is still used in the market. In order to avoid the monotony of product images, use a picture or animation to tell the story.

So that when people read the text, they will be triggered by the profound figure and description, joining the dots of emotion.

4. Interact with your potential customers

If you don’t want to lose ground on the critical battlefield and allow your followers keep an eye on your social media, the skills listed below are something you need to grab and kick-start right now.

  •  Throw the right question

    It is the good way to create two-way interaction.
    Encourage followers to break the silence and say something, it will not only gain the valuable opinions from followers but also it is the sign of the market trend.
    One tip: The effective way is asking the question on the bottom of the post.

  •  Use sweet emotion signs

    Use emotions to communicate with the fans, and make the brand seem more interesting.
    For example:
    Use the emotions like 😀 and :p so that the follower feels easy to communicate with your brand. Studies have shown that the interaction rates are 2 times higher than other posts without emoticons.

  • Use Call To Action (CTA) text

    Clearly, tell the fans how you want them to interact with your posts.
    For example:
    If you request fans to press like, make a comment, or share, the fans respond 3 times higher than those without CTA.

5. Take advantage of YouTube

As well all know, YouTube has a high volume of use and search. So you can use YouTube keyword tool to gather info around the key terms instead of just relying on Google Analysis or Google Keyword Planner tools.

6. Be positive

The majority of people like using social media are because that they want to find fun and entertainment through the media. So remember always to be positive in your social media posts and give your followers a positive vibe.

7. Create the fad

Any marketing advertisement is considered successful only when the audience begins to “discuss” it.

Let’s take an example, in the past; one of the activities going viral on social media was “Ice Bucket Challenge”. In this activity, Participants needed to pour a bucket of ice from their head down, filming the process and uploading it to social networks, and tagging their friends for the challenge.

It was the fund-raising campaign launched by a cancer organisation on the social network, intending to raise awareness about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

This activity was able to create the craze in the audience and went viral, and the organisation was able to collect enough funds for the cause.

So, keep in mind that your business social media posts should be able to create the craze to the public. By craze, I only mean a positive one.

8. Frequently update your social media pages

Be sure to update your social media at regular intervals. It will not only allow your followers keeping eyes on you but also attract new followers.

9. Use Facebook 

Facebook is an extensive way to increase exposure and visibility of business on the Internet because there are tonnes of potential audience and people using it daily.

10. Create engaging campaigns to promote products and services

Creating engaging campaigns to promote products and services is an essential step for local businesses looking to increase sales from social media. To capture the attention of potential customers, businesses should think creatively about how to showcase their products or services in an engaging and relatable way. This can include using high-quality product photos and videos, running contests and giveaways, and creating interactive content such as polls or quizzes.


Beyond a shadow of a doubt, social media plays an important role to enhance online business these days.

No matter if you hit bumps on the Internet road or are set to take advantage from social media, I congratulate you for considering different mediums to promote your business. Make a point of managing social media platforms with those tips, your business will absolutely gain ground.

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