So it’s time to start planning your new PPC campaign for 2015, why not take a look back at the last 12 months and see if your expectations were met or failed dismally? It is vital to reflect on your past performance even if you’d rather forget them. The biggest issue that small businesses meet when challenging for clicks these days is the sheer volume of mega brands that are ready and willing to pay far more for their clicks than you could ever muster. But if you play it smart and take it slow at the start, you can surprise yourself sometimes! Let’s face it, you can never hope to match the budgets of those huge companies, but it is possible to claw back some invaluable points as long as you think things through.

Here we talk about 3 ways to compete during 2015 and if you follow these plus add some common sense, this year could be everything and more that you want it to be!



Don’t throw away your cash!

Okay, you will probably wince when you hear that so and so spend more on their PPC budget than you could ever hope to earn all year, but think about their overheads and start taking your own pay-per-click spends a little more seriously. Even if you can only manage 500 hundred dollars at the start, you can always increase if your conversions start to flourish. Speak to a PPC expert who understands the limitations you are facing and see if they can suggest a way make every penny count. As long as you overall accounts are well looked after, you should have enough for your PPC outgoings to pay for a decent campaign in 2015.


Offer savings and look as professional as possible!

Those huge brands may have the edge on choice and outreach but as a smaller business, you will be able to offer last minute sales and discounts that they will struggle to compete with. Ensure your loyal customers stay onside by offering some long-term bonuses and attract new ones by having something fresh on offer. If your website is looking a little tired, think about upgrading because nobody enjoys spending time in a dowdy looking online shop that has seen better days. A small investment in a redesign could easily be the best move you make, so try to think about the future and sharing those pages up in 2015.


Advertising matters

Your PPC adverts must be on the money if you can ever hope to take on those larger brands in 2015. Instead of ensuring that your ads are top of the tree, spend a little more time on the layout and content. Think about some cool ad extensions and put a little thought into your site links. Callout extensions are also proven to bring in the conversions. As a smaller business, you will always have the edge on larger firms with regards your flexibility so make the most of this in 2015 and do not be afraid to try something new. Those mega brands take months to even get permission to change their strategy so take advantage and have at it!

Good luck for 2015

As long as your treat your PPC budget as a fluid entity, you should do just fine, never stick with a formula unless the conversions are flowing nice and steady. Use your creativity and let’s see what the next 12 months bring!