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A Complete Guide to Become a Proficient Web Developer

Today, you can find more than one billion websites on the web. This indicates web design and development profession are on the rise. Due to the popularity and expansion of the web technology, it is imperative for every company to have their website which is visually appealing and highly functional.

So, you want to become a web developer?

Starting your career as a website…

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Top 7 mistakes to avoid during WordPress plugin development

Guest Post

Willing to develop plugins for WordPress? Good! Being a developer, you should never be afraid of making mistakes. “The only way to avoid mistakes is to have no new ideas, Organised, ” says an old adage by Albert Einstein. We have also noticed in the past that some of the big enterprise platforms, like cloud computing, big data, online project management…

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Simple steps to develop website with great achievement

Willing to get the most out of your website?

Well, having a website with brutally effective qualities is the dream of every web developer in the industry. But, this reality is far fetched for many.

And, today we are trying to break down the steps you can use to develop a website with highest achievement ratio.

A useful and influential website development requires…

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Web Development Trends 2016 that you must be following

Is your web solution stuck in the 90s?

We all treasure beautiful old memories of the 90s, but do you want your website to compromise with an overwhelming navigation bar and scrolling marquees in harsh colours? Or worse, scrolling frames and old copyright dates? If it does, we hate to break it to you, but, your web page surely needs a…

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Web developer salary Sydney: A Complete Salary Guide 2016

Let’s face it.

Web development is one of the lucrative jobs on the web hemisphere. The growing number of websites which ticked over billion in 2014, simply signals that websites are here to stay!

Trying to enter in the saturated world of WebSphere.

For aspiring learners, who want to know web developer salary in Sydney, our salary guide has you covered.

First of all, know the type of…

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Explore handy Tips for Mobile Optimized websites

These days, most of the users get online through different types of mobile devices they have. Therefore, company proprietors along with web designer and developer need to think about displaying the websites effectively in these devices. Better go for mobile optimised websites and allow your users to explore the website from their handheld device.

Mobile optimisation includes the procedure to ensure…

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Web Development Tips to enhance your SEO

The website demonstrates your business online and when you invest in the website, there is a good chance of acquiring the attention of more audiences and potential customers. However, designing an attractive and functional site is not sufficient to deal with your customer’s requirement. If you really want your customer to get advantage from the site, then SEO-friendly website is…

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Know the Best E-commerce Platform

Before knowing about the e-commerce platform, you need to have a clear idea about e-commerce site and their advantages in today’s era. If you do not have a proper idea on an e-commerce site, you do not have to worry; through this article, I will describe you all about E-commerce solutions.

What is e-commerce solution?

In the simplest form, e-commerce is the…

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