What is that one thing which is the scarcest?


In this day and age, people do not have enough time. They dread indulging in endeavours that are time-consuming. Instead, they look-out for alternatives that can help them save time.

One such alternative that people have switched to is online shopping. It has become the talk of the town. Hence, almost all big as well as small businesses have now established their presence in the online arena too. They have done so by developing an online store.

However, now that almost all the businesses have stepped into the world of e-commerce, the competition has toughened. It has become harder to attract customers.

If your business is experiencing the same, do not worry!

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You can use these seven unconventional methods to boost sales from your online store.

Opt for a customised WordPress theme

The very first thing that the web developer is likely to ask you is regarding your website theme. There are a number of ready-made website themes available on the web. These themes are cheaper to use. However, if you want your online sales to boost, these themes won’t help you much.

You can boost your online sales by differentiating your online store from that of your competitors. The best way to do so is by opting for a customised WordPress theme. It will be tailored according to your business’s needs and its brand image. Hence, it will help your business stand out among the rest.

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Redesign your website to improve sales

Focus on email marketing

One of the most important ways in which you can inform your potential as well as existing customers about any of your on-going offers or campaigns is by sending out emails. It is one of the easiest ways to reach out to your online customers.

Email marketing is said to have an ROI rate of 122%. This means that investing your money in email marketing is worthwhile. That is the reason why most of the well-established businesses regularly send out email updates to their customers.

Hence, focusing on email marketing is one of the best tactics to boost your online sales.

Do not believe us?

Try it out for yourself!

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Make your landing page sales-focused

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that your landing page can make or break your online store’s potential to boost sales. Therefore, it is recommended that the landing page should be strong and focused on sales.

There are plenty of tactics that can be used to create a landing page that can help boost your online sales. One such tactic is to use an appealing Call To Action (CTA). Your CTA should be phrased in such a manner that after reading it, website visitors are convinced to make a purchase. Another such tactic is to add high-resolution and good quality images. Such images attract customers and increase conversion rates.

If you need any sort of help in creating a strong sales-focused landing page, feel free to hit us up!

Ensure that your online store is user-friendly

One tip that you should keep on your fingertips is that the easier it is for the visitors to use your online store, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Consequently, it is in your business’s best interest to make your website as simple as possible. Who has got the time to waste on a hard-to-understand online sore? NOBODY!!!

Making your website easy to navigate through help tremendously in providing a good user experience to your customers.

We at Nirmal specialize in designing user-friendly websites. Our web developers have adopted a user-centred approach. This helps our customers in boosting online sales.

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Use social proof to boost sales

With the spread of e-commerce, fraudulent sales have become widespread too. This has made customers vary from online purchases. They prefer to buy products that they deem authentic.

One way through which customers gauge the authenticity of products is through testimonials and reviews. They serve as social proof of the authenticity of products.

According to a source, 72% of the website visitors read reviews before deciding whether to purchase or not to purchase a product. Hence, reviews play a pivotal role in boosting online sales.

That is why if you are considering ways to boost your online sales, try adding customers’ testimonials on your website. The results are guaranteed!

Incorporate plugins in your website

Have you ever wondered, why do so many businesses prefer to use WordPress for their website?

Well, there are numerous reasons. However, one of the most appealing reasons is WordPress websites’ extensibility. WordPress has a number of plugins. You can extend your website’s functionality just by adding the plugins of your choice.

This makes it easier to generate sales and increase the conversion rate.

Give managed hosting a try

If you think your business is likely to receive an influx of online customers, do consider the option of managed hosting. It will help eradicate the risk of losing customers, in case your website crashes.

Managed hosts have all the relevant resources that are required to deal with a huge traffic inflow. They are well-equipped to deal with such situations. Hence, opting for managed hosting makes your job a lot easier.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation


If you take all the above-mentioned tactics into consideration, you will realize that boosting online sales is not a tough job at all.

Given that you hire the right expert for this job!

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