‘Data is the new oil,’ you must have heard this term countless times by now. But it’s true, isn’t it? In a world, where everything depends on numbers, where people become crypto billionaires in just 100 days, data is everything that matters.

And, it is the only thing that is going to turn your business into a revenue-generating platform if you use data wisely. But, how can you get data unless you don’t have a mechanism to collect it? That is where WordPress traffic analytics plugins come into play.

These traffic analytics plugins can easily capture data from every touchpoint on your WordPress website. Whether you want to capture traffic from organic, referral, or paid channels, you can do that easily with the help of these WordPress traffic plugins.

Before we get to learn more about these traffic plugins, we need to understand how they can help you increase your store sales.

  • WordPress traffic plugins can easily track each visitor coming to your website. Using these plugins, you can track conversion, errors, bounce rates, and even any other issue that is causing traffic and conversion hurdles on your website – in short everything that happens on your website.
  • You can also track your website touchpoints, conversions, dropouts, average time on page
  • You can create segments, views, and optimizations to improve the flow of traffic on your website
  • You can also manage other Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) related issues on your website with the help of WordPress analytics plugins.

List of WordPress Traffic Analytics Plugins for Your Website

Here is a list of the best WordPress traffic analytics plugins that you can use to improve the traffic and conversions on your website.

  1. Google Analytics Sitekit

Google Analytics is now available on WordPress using Sitekit by Google. The plugin has already been installed on the website over a million times and is one of the best ways to track everything happening on your WordPress website. 

Whether you want to measure the performance of your pages or see how many people have actually visited your website in a specific interval, you can do both with the Sitekit plugin. It is a self-explanatory plugin and you can easily add it to your website for increased conversions and more.

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  1. Google Search Console

Next on our list is the Google Search Console. Google Search console is not an analytics plugin but it can be integrated with Sitekit. To see the analytics of your website, visit the Google Search console. 

Why have we kept Google Search console second on our list? Because it is one of the most crucial site plugins for any website owner. It shows if the website is indexed on Google. You can also add sitemaps to the plugin to make them rank higher in search engines. 

Moreover, it also shows the number of keywords that a website ranks for. You can easily check the data of the past six months of a website.

  1. MixPanel

MixPanel is an analytics and conversion tracking solution for websites. It offers a WooCommerce integrated plugin that allows users to easily see what is going on on their WordPress websites without logging into MixPanel.

MixPanel allows users to forecast the conversions on the website as well. It is one of my personal favourites because of its easy navigation and simple processes. MixPanel is also known for its customer support and quality platform.

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  1. Exact Metrics

Exact Metrics was earlier called the Google Analytics WP plugin. It is a simple WordPress dashboard that allows users to see everything on their Google Analytics dashboard directly within WordPress. Exact Metrics makes it simple to see reports, create views and segments, and even extract and download insights directly from any website using your WordPress dashboard.

It offers a free version called Exact Metrics Lite that you can use to get insights on the WordPress dashboard. Once you are familiar with all the features of the plugin, you can move to the premium Exact Metrics plugin.

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  1. Monster Insights

Next, we have Monster Insights, a WordPress plugin by the creators of WPBeginners. The MonsterInsights WordPress plugin lets you easily integrate Google Analytics into your WordPress website. You can see everything on the WordPress dashboard. Monster Insights is already installed on over 3 million WordPress websites and allows users to extract data and insights effortlessly. Apart from Google Analytics integration with MonsterInsights, you can see transactions of your store in one place. You can also check important store metrics like lifetime value per user, average revenue per user, sales revenue, and top referral sources. It also lets you track affiliate sales as well.

In short, it is one of the best analytics tools for users who would like to improve their website optimizations.

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  1. Heap Website Analytics Tool

Heap is another website analytics and conversion monitoring tool that gives you data of every interaction of the user with your website. In simple terms, it means that you can monitor every click, every swipe, every hover, and the whole visitor journey on your website with the click of a few buttons. The plugin self-implements on the server and you don’t need to write manual code. The plugin auto-captures every interaction codeless and offers multiple ways to manage your SaaS, b2b, eCommerce, and enterprise products.

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Heap is free for beginners who are just starting out with analytics and would like an easy to use software to manage their day to day operations. The free version has a limit of 10,000 sessions per month.

  1. Stat Counter

If you are looking for something generic that can measure the performance of your website, then you should take a look at StatCounter.

The stat counter plugin notes every visitor that visits your website pages and reflects that through its charts. You can see the chart on the developer’s website or even on your own WordPress dashboard panel. It also gives you the option to show the stat counter on your website so that visitors can also see the number of previous visits of the website.

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The plugin is really comprehensive and lets you see referral traffic, enter and exit links, locations, traffic of the website, and the systems your users used to visit the website. The only shortcoming of the Stat counter is that it doesn’t let you see the number of keywords that brought organic traffic as can be seen in Google Analytics.


There are a plethora of traffic analytics plugins available for WordPress. As a WordPress user who would like to improve the traffic on their website, it is important that you settle with a plugin that offers you the most value. So, test all the plugins we have added to our list and see which one works best for your business.

You can even consult WordPress experts to help you find the best WordPress analytics plugin for your needs. 

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