Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn online. And, when we talk about affiliate marketing, the first thing that comes to our mind is Amazon Affiliate. For those of you who don’t know about Amazon affiliates, it is the oldest affiliate system online. Amazon started an affiliate program way back in 2006. At that time it was offering over 15% commission per product sale. Although the product commission rate has decreased in the last few years, it still has its own reputation. The biggest reason for this is its barrier to entry. 

Almost anyone who is trying to earn online can fill the Amazon affiliate program and start earning by promoting their products. And, Amazon is the world’s biggest eCommerce store. It has millions of products that you can easily market to your desired audience. You can even market Amazon products through your website, video channel, email marketing, or even social media platforms.

If you are interested in making more with Amazon affiliates or want to learn more about how to start a side gig with Amazon eCommerce, then this article is for you.

Why Start an Amazon Affiliate Store on WordPress?

WordPress is easy. Period.

Anyone who is looking to start their online business would want a flexible website that they can easily manage. The WordPress ecosystem offers that opportunity to the users. And, not just that, it powers over half of the websites available on the internet. All this makes it the best CMS for affiliate marketing gigs.

Moreover, WordPress website features some of the most recommended Amazon affiliate plugins that allow any beginner to start affiliate marketing on Amazon with the click of a few buttons.

We have added these plugins to our list. Go through them below and see how you can use them on your website to double your revenue and increase the product CTR.

List of Best Advanced WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliates

List of Amazon affiliate plugins that WordPress offers for its users.

  1. AAWP

First in our list is Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP). It makes it easier for any user to create or manage their Amazon affiliate links with ease. AAWP is the most common plugin to use for WordPress affiliate management because it automatically generates links. 

AAWP also offers pre-built templates that make it easier for beginner users to generate a design of their choice for their affiliate websites.

Why Use AAWP?

  • Get customized links for all your Amazon affiliate products
  • Google AMP support for all AAWP links
  • Customized templates that you can use as per your will
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  1. AzonPress

AzonPress is another great WordPress plugin that you can use for your websites. AzonPress is a freemium plugin and you can use it for free to get product links of your choice. 

The best part about using AzonPress is that you can create custom tables, comparison tables, bestseller lists, geo-targeting, accurate tracking of product links, and a lot more.

Why Use AzonPress?

  • Customized design
  • Easy tracking of URLs
  • Automated link creation for content pages
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  1. WZone

WZone is another great plugin that you can use for affiliate marketing. It offers many features for beginners and the best part is that it doesn’t require an API key. What it means in simple terms is that WZone doesn’t require you to create the API key to import products. Instead, you can simply add your affiliate ID in the Wzone plugin and it will automatically generate links that you need for your website. WZone is a premium plugin and is available for $49 on Envato marketplace.

Why Use WZone?

  • WZone doesn’t require an API key for affiliate marketing
  • WZone makes it easier to manage marketing affiliate products
  • WZone shows earning reports on the WordPress dashboard
  1. Amazon Auto Links

Are you still searching manually for Amazon links to add to your content pages? With Amazon Auto Links, you don’t have to. The plugin allows you to easily create links automatically. You just have to select the categories that you would be adding to the content pages and it will do the rest.

Amazon Auto Links is free and available on the WordPress plugin directory.

Why Use Amazon Auto Links?

  • Easily design and customize your link assets
  • Auto generate links from Amazon
  • Add links to your desired area within the blog without coding
  1. EasyAzon

EasyAzon is another freemium plugin that lets you easily add product links to your blog and content pages. EasyAzon uses text links that you can add to your WordPress website after verifying the Amazon Affiliate API key. The best part about EasyAzon is that it is a huge timesaver and offers everything from links to design to save you time and money.

Since people now use ad blockers, with EasyAzon you can still show links to the users. It doesn’t use JavaScript and makes it ideal for users who would want to move to EasyAzon.

Why Use EasyAzon?

  • No javascript for showing links
  • Integrates with your content pages
  • Comes with affiliate widgets

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  1. ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is another great plugin that you can use for your WordPress website. It is a simple plugin that you can use to cloak ugly links for any type of affiliate marketing. However, it offers smart cloaking for Amazon products. If you want to use your own keywords for marketing with Thirsty Affiliates, you can use the keyword auto-linking feature offered by Thirsty affiliates. If your links are not working, it auto-fixes them or indicates that through a list of broken affiliate links. Thirsty affiliates is also a great tool for users who would want the charts and tables through email reports.

Why Use ThirstyAffiliates?

  • Smart uncloaking for keyword links
  • Amazing reports that you can use for forecasting
  • Proactive link fixer to improve your link availability
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  1. Pretty Links

Pretty Links is just like ThirstyAffiliates that allows you to turn your ugly and long links into pretty one-word URLs. You can then post them either on your own website or in a guest post that you are publishing on a third party.

Another great feature of using Pretty links is that you just have to get the link one and it will auto-populate it around the content pages automatically.

With all that said, Pretty Links comes with a price of $79 for beginners. 

Why Use Pretty Links?

  • Easy to maintain, faster conversion
  • Auto link keywords of your choice
  • Set negative and positive keywords for more value through clicks
  1. WooZone

Just like WZone, we also have WooZone. WooZone is an API-enabled Amazon affiliate plugin for beginners who would like to double their revenue with eCommerce stores. It is an eCommerce tool that allows users to add more products to their stores and earn on the side with Amazon links. 

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Why Use WooZone?

  • WooZone is the premium version of the WZone Amazon affiliate plugin
  • It is mostly used for populating eCommerce pages with relevant products
  • WooZone is great for adding more products and earning commission on the side


The best way to promote your Amazon affiliate links on WordPress websites is by using a strategy, proper content, and links in strategic places that get the most CTR. If you are just starting your Amazon affiliate strategy, then the best way to go about it is to experiment, experiment, and experiment.

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