For any website, the most vital source of generating online traffic are the search engines. If a website has a higher search engine ranking, it is likely to receive more online traffic. On the other hand, if a website has a lower search engine ranking, it will probably receive less traffic inflow. That is why businesses want their website to have a higher search engine ranking.

Only an SEO-optimised website can have a good search engine ranking. And, in terms of SEO-optimisation, there is no CMS better than WordPress!

Do not believe us?

Have a look at all the things that WordPress has to offer, and you will be left in awe!

What makes WordPress a good choice for SEO?

WordPress has several qualities that make it THE BEST CMS for SEO. These qualities include aspects such as:

  • Editing of permalinks

    To put it simply, permalinks are your website’s URLs. They can easily be edited on your WordPress dashboard. You can edit it by visiting settings and formatting the permalink the way you want it. By default, your WordPress website’s permalink will appear to be like

    However, an ideal permalink will look somewhat like this  ttp:// This is the recommended format for SEO optimisation. Such a format will help your website visitors in figuring out what the page is exactly about. We highly recommended our clients to use keywords in your permalinks. Keyword-rich permalinks usually help in increasing the CTR of your website posts.

    CTR refers to the click-through rate of a link. Google uses it as a benchmark to rank websites. If a website gets fewer clicks, Google will give it a lower ranking. On the other hand, if a website gets more clicks, Google will give that website a comparatively higher ranking.  

    Apart from SEO, there is another reason too that necessitates customisation of permalinks. If your permalinks are ugly, they won’t get visitors from other sources either. Hence, your website will fail to reach your target audience.

    We, at Nirmal, master the art of turning ugly permalinks into aesthetic ones. If you think your website’s permalink does not look appealing, head on to our CONTACT US NOW page, and let us shower our magic on your permalinks!

  • Automatically adding Metadata

    Search engines use SEO titles and meta description to rank websites. That is why both these things need to be added to each and every post of your website. The metadata should definitely have your targeted keyword. This will help in improving the SEO ranking of your website significantly.

    Metadata also helps in increasing your website’s CTR. This is because the metadata is available on search engines. All you need to do is to install an SEO plugin and then add metadata.

    This whole process will not take more than a few minutes. Once you have installed your desired plugin, you can continue to use it for every post. Even if you do not manually add the metadata, your installed SEO plugin will do so automatically for you.

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  • SEO-Optimised Images

    One thing we all know is that images make the content of your website look more appealing. They increase the readability of the text. Using optimised images does not directly impact your site’s SEO. Instead, it indirectly improves the SEO by providing a valuable user experience to your website’s visitors. However, it is important that you should use relevant and high-quality images only.

    SEO-Optimised images are essential to increase your website’s search engine ranking. To optimise an image, you need to go to the edit option of that image and fill in the field of “Alternative Text”. It is highly recommended that you enter a version of your keyword in this field. When you are customising your articles, you are just a few clicks away from optimizing any image on your website for SEO.

    In addition to this, you can adjust the size of the images on your website. This will drastically increase the loading speed of your site.

    In case you are still confused, do not worry. GET IN TOUCH with us and our experts will take care of this task for you!

  • Providing good user experience

    If your website manages to provide a good user experience to the visitors, they will stay longer on your website and will engage more with your content. A bad user experience, on the other hand, will keep visitors away from your site. This can range from poor web design to irrelevant structure to low-quality images.

    Google gauges the user experience through metrics such as bounce rate, and the average time that visitors stay on your website. Your Google Analytics account can show you the bounce rate of your website. A high bounce rate is usually an indication of poor user experience.

    A properly designed website also guarantees more engagement from the visitors. People like, comment and share posts. They even comment on their queries so that you can address them. This also helps in forming a community of visitors on your site, which further improves the SEO ranking.

    WordPress provides you with a plethora of options that you can use to improve the design of your website. However, we do realize that you might not feel comfortable in doing so. Do not worry. You can get in touch with us, and we will do so on your behalf.

    You won’t be disappointed with our service. That’s a promise!

  • Ensuring high website speed

    If your website loads fast enough, that might directly not have any impact on the SEO. However, if your website loads very slowly, it will irritate the visitors. They will have a poor user experience. Resultantly, your website’s bounce rate will be high. On top of that, Google does not facilitate websites that have a lethargic loading speed.

    If you have hired an astute web developer, then ensuring a good website speed isn’t an issue at all. WordPress has numerous fast loading themes. Apart from this, there are several WordPress plugins that guarantee high loading speed. You can check your website’s loading speed on Google’s PageSpeed Insights.
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  • Mobile optimisation

    Today, people use mobile phones to browse websites more than ever before. It is the need of the time that businesses should adapt to.

    If you want your website to provide a good user experience to the visitors, you should ensure that it is optimised for mobile phones. Since we highly recommend our clients to go for a custom-designed website, the only way to check whether such a website is optimised for mobile is to open up the website on various different devices.

    For SEO ranking, Google looks up for the mobile version of your website. For your website to get a higher ranking, it is important that its mobile version is of the same quality as its regular version. In case your website’s mobile version has a slow loading speed or a poor design, your search engine ranking is bound to suffer.

    Our team of experts is well-equipped to deal with any and every problem that you are facing with your business website. All that you need to do is COMMENT BELOW and we will get back to you!
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  • Social media integration

    One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make is that they overlook the importance of social media when they are talking about SEO.

    They do not realise that if they try to engage their target audience on social media too, their search engine ranking will be even higher. Similarly, if you have a higher search engine ranking, you can expect to have more engagement on social media.

    Sometimes people confuse engagement with following. In fact, these two terms are often used simultaneously. However, in their true essence, they are different. Having a strong social media following means that people a huge number of people follow your business on social media. In contrast to this, having more engagement on social media means that your followers actively like, comment and share your posts. Social media following does not necessarily translate into social media engagement. In contrast to this, social media engagement does have an impact on the SEO of your website.

    No other CMS will facilitate you in social media integration as WordPress would. It allows you to add numerous options on your website that will let your visitors share your posts on social media. Hence, WordPress is extremely beneficial for social media integration.


WordPress is indeed the best choice for SEO. No other CMS will guarantee you SEO optimisation like WordPress would do. You can trust WordPress blindly and you won’t be disappointed at all. Choose it for once and you will stick with it forever.

Yes, that is exactly how good it is!

However, no matter how good the chosen CMS is, you cannot avail its maximum benefits until or unless you hire an expert web developer. Just imagine, what would the outcome be if you handover your business management to an immature teenager who has no exposure to the corporate world?

HORRIBLE, of course!

Same will be the faith of your WordPress website if you get it designed from an amateur developer.

To avoid this misfortune, you can get your WordPress website developed and designed from our professional web designers. They know this job inside out. Hence, you can expect a marvellous outcome.

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