Initially, WordPress was just a blogging platform. Bloggers used it to launch and run their blogging space. Now, things have changed. WordPress has diversified itself. It now caters to any and every type of website. You can now consider WordPress as a fully functional Content Management System (CMS).

WordPress is particularly beneficial for developing and designing business websites. Even though you will find numerous CMS in the market, ranging from Joomla to Dot Nuke, none of them is on par with WordPress. The enormous benefits that WordPress offers to business sites are unmatchable.

Let us have a look at a few benefits of using WordPress to launch your business website!

  • WordPress is inexpensive

    Many small businesses resisted the urge to create their business website. The deterrent being the high cost of website development. Business owners felt that they would have to sell off their kidneys in order to get a website made. Of course, the revenue of a small local business is not sufficient enough to afford such a luxury.

    However, things have changed these days. Thanks to open source and WordPress. Website development isn’t considered an expensive endeavour anymore. A newly established firm, as well as a well-established corporation, can easily get their WordPress website designed without worrying about the high cost.

    WordPress is a highly cost-effective CMS!

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    WordPress offers convenient syndication

  • Making changes in a WordPress website is easy

    One thing that you need to realise is that your business website will not remain the same throughout. You will have to make changes in it from time to time. As your business grows, so will your website.  Increase in the magnitude of your business will also require expansion of your website.

    Hence, WordPress is an ideal choice for businesses. It is dynamic in nature. You can edit, delete, change and alter anything that you want from your website. Making changes is not a hassle if your website is powered by WordPress.

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  • WordPress is SEO-Friendly

    Search Engine Optimisation is an essential element of website marketing. If your website is SEO-optimised, it can sail through the sea. If it is not, it will find it hard to float. That is why almost all businesses try to make their website SEO-optimised. For such businesses, there is no choice better than WordPress.

    WordPress has in-built properties that make it a perfect choice for SEO-optimisation. It is loaded with codes that are ideal for Google indexing. One unique feature that WordPress offers is that it allows you to customise SEO for each and every page of your website. This feature facilitates you in deciding which page of your website you want to rank higher in regard to search engine optimisation and which page you wish to rank lower.

    We usually recommend our clients to focus on high converting pages.

    For more information regarding SEO-Optimisation, you can have a look at Top 10 Tactics To Boost The SEO Ranking Of Your WordPress Website In 2019.

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  • WordPress offers convenient syndication

    One way to increase the traffic inflow on your business website is through inbound links. When you link one of your website pages to other pages, visitors are more likely to visit all the linked pages. This will also increase the amount of time that visitors spend on your website.

    Whenever you post a new blog on your website, it automatically lands in an RSS feed. This makes it easier for visitors to syndicate the content of your website across various directories and websites.

  • WordPress has a mobile-responsive web design

    The time has long gone when people only used to browse websites on their desktop computers and laptops. Today, most people browse websites on their mobile phones. This trend has gained momentum with the spread in the use of mobile phone technology.

    Therefore, it is absolutely essential that your business website should be mobile-responsive. It means that it should provide the same user experience to visitors who are viewing your website on a mobile phone as it provides to the visitors who are viewing your website on a desktop computer. This helps in retaining existing visitors and attracting new ones.

    If you are using old CMSs other than WordPress, then you might have to develop separate versions of your website for each device. However, with WordPress, this becomes easier as it is based on responsive web technology.

    In case your business website does not have a responsive design, you can reach out to us for assistance. We will brainstorm with you and provide you with the most convenient solution out there!

  • WordPress websites can be upgraded easily

    As your business prospers and diversifies, you will feel the need of adding in new features and functionalities. Doing so can be quite troublesome if your website is powered by a CMS other than WordPress. This is because other CMS are not that user-friendly as WP.

    However, if your website is powered by WordPress you can add on new features and functionalities quite easily. In WordPress, existing functions can easily be augmented by installing new plugins. There are various plugins that can serve your website’s needs and requirements. Installing a plugin is a simple process. It just requires three simple steps.

    In addition to this, the WordPress community is spread all across the globe. If you need any help in deciding which plugin to install on your website, you can reach out to fellow WordPress users.

    If the confusion still persists, we are always here to guide you through your problems!

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    Mobile app development Sydney
  • WordPress is a good choice for content marketing

    In today’s fast-paced era, writing down the content for your website just once is not enough at all. It will soon become outdated and will fail to attract new visitors. Your conversion rate may fall too.

    For your website to continue attracting more visitors, you need to regularly update its content. Posting new blogs should be part of your routine. Following this routine will help in keeping your WordPress website active and alive.

    Unlike other CMS, updating content on a WordPress website is quite easy. You can conveniently upload new blogs and articles without any hassle. Hence, when it comes to aggressive content marketing, WordPress is an ideal choice. Therefore, it should be your first choice if you are planning to launch your business website.

  • WordPress makes social media integration easy

    As you might know, merely updating content on your website is not enough. Yes, it will help in generating traffic inflow from search engines, but you need to realise that search engines are not the only source of traffic generation. There are other sources too, such as social media forums.

    One of the biggest benefits of using WordPress is that it offers social media integration. This means that once you have posted a new blog or article on your website, you do not need to individually share it on your social media handles. WordPress will automatically do so on your behalf. Isn’t it a great deal?

    Of course, it is!

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  • WordPress provides stringent website security

    Websites are mostly prone to hacking attacks. Hackers play on the vulnerabilities of your website to get access to its credentials. These vulnerabilities can be avoided by choosing WordPress as your CMS. WordPress guarantees protection against hackers by fortifying your website against all possible dangers.

    However, in order to fortify your website against potential dangers, it is important that you hire a professional and astute website developer. An amateur web developer might mess up your website’s security settings.

    If you are on a hunt for a proficient web developer, there is no better way to find one than to get in touch with our team. We have several experts on board who have been looking after the security of numerous business WordPress websites.

    For the sake of broadening your own knowledge, we highly recommend that you read WordPress Security – Prevention Is Better Than Cure!


WordPress is a complete package. It is well-suited for the needs of a start-up and it is equally-suited for the requirements of a multinational organisation. One just needs to have good command over this CMS. Once you gain the required command, everything else becomes fairly easy.

However, we do realise that while managing the affairs of your business, you are not left with enough time to gain competency over such an extensive CMS.

Taking this into consideration, we offer web development and web designing services. Numerous businesses across Australia are part of our vast clientele. Our speciality lies in designing custom-made websites that are developed in accordance with our clients’ requirements.

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