Business owners usually take a sigh of relief as soon as they get their website designed. Most of them consider it a once in a lifetime thing. Once they have got their website developed, they assume that they can rely on it forever!

However, they are mistaken. Getting a website designed is analogous to getting a house designed. No matter how much-experienced architect you hire or how lavishly you spend on its furnishing, you will have to renovate it after a while. Or else, it will eventually lose its essence. 

Similarly, you need to keep refreshing your website from time to time. Just getting it developed is not enough. If you do not do so, the effectiveness of your website will eventually decline. 

Now, you must be wondering, when exactly should one get the website redesigned? 

Listed below are the top 9 indicators which tell you that it is time for you to get your website redesigned!

Redesign your website to improve sales

Indicator 1: Your Website Has A High Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors that only visit a single page of your website in one session. The average bounce rate is 40% to 55%. On average, 40 to 55 out of every 100 visitors only visit one page of the website is one session. 

If this percentage is high, it indicates that the time has arrived for you to get your website redesigned! The reason is that a high bounce rate signifies a poor user experience. If the visitors are having a difficult time navigating through your website, then the chances are high that they will leave without visiting more pages. 

On the other hand, if the navigation of your website is smooth, there is a high likelihood that the visitors will visit more pages before they leave. 

Website Performance optimisation

Indicator 2: It Takes More Than 3 Seconds To Load

If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, visitors will leave without waiting for it to load. That is a common practice. Visitors are impatient and do not have time to wait for long. You can make use of website speed testers such as and to test your website’s loading speed. 

If these testers show that your website’s loading speed is more than 3 seconds, then it is probably time for you to get your website redesigned!

Indicator 3: Your Website Has A Deficiency of Basic On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO optimisation is essential is you wish to increase the visibility of your websites on search engines like Google and Bing. To increase your Google ranking, you should have a unique title tag for each page of your website. It is a basic requirement for SEO optimisation

Other things that you can do to improve your Google ranking are including keywords in your website’s URL, internally linking to other pages, and using unique meta descriptions. There are more than 30 checklists we follow at our web design studio to make your website SEO friendly.

Indicator 4: The Website’s Content Is Not Regularly Updated

Would you like to visit a website that has the dated content, or would you prefer a website that has new and relevant information? Most of the people prefer the latter. Fresh content excites visitors and motivates them to visit your website again and again. Hence, fresh content helps in increasing traffic to the website. 

If your website’s content has not been changed for a while, its high time that you should consider adding some new web content, blogs, or even articles! You can also look at this from your conversion point of view. If the traffic is not converting well, that means your content is not punchy enough to convert your audience.

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Indicator 5: You Are Spending Too Much Time In Technical Troubleshooting

Ideally, once your website has been designed, you should divert your time and energy towards marketing and sales. The website has to work like an ATM machine for your business bringing sales 24/7. 

However, if it has been poorly designed, you might instead find yourself engaged in solving technical issues. This isn’t a positive indicator. It tells that you need a better content management system, shopping cart program, or a navigation system. 

Hence, if you are faced with such difficulty, you should consider redesigning your website. This will help you in diverting your resources towards further improvement rather than wasting them on solving technical glitches!

Indicator 6: The Call To Action Of Your Website Is Ineffective

Call To Action (CTA) is crucial for the conversion rate of your website. It tells the visitors what exactly they are supposed to do in order to get in touch with you. If CTA on your website is not persuasive or vivid enough, it will fail to fulfil its purpose. 

Consequently, you will lose potential customers. You should, therefore, keep an eye on the CTR of your website. Click-Through-Rate (CTR) refers to the percentage of visitors that click on your website’s CTA. If this rate is high, your website is on the right track. But, if it is low, you need to alter your CTA!

Indicator 7: The Website Does Not Reflect Your Brand Image

A website is supposed to be a reflection of an organization’s brand image. It is supposed to mirror the organization’s vision, goals, and aspirations. This is important to make your visitors remember your business. These things have a lasting impact on the visitors’ subconscious mind. Sometimes, you may also want to redesign your logo for business purposes or to make it more definitive to your brand.

If you want to create a good impression on your visitors’ mind, it is important that all elements of your website should be aligned with the brand of your organization. Logo, font colour, font size, font style, colour scheme as well as a theme should be well-coordinated with your brand image. If it is not, then do yourself a favour and update these elements so that they match well with your brand image!

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Indicator 8: You Are Not Getting The Desired Results

Your website might be picture-perfect, but it will still be considered useless if it fails to deliver the results you have been expecting to get. Yes, the aesthetic and outlook of a website is important. However, it is important to mention here that both these elements are deemed important only because they are expected to enhance the performance as well as the traffic inflow of a website. 

If they are not doing so, they are simply of no use! Businesses develop websites mainly to widen their customer base and increase sales, there could be many other objectives as well. If you think your website is not contributing towards achieving these goals, then do consider getting your website redesigned. 

Indicator 9: Your Website Is Not Responsive

Long gone are the days when people only used to visit websites on their desktop computers. The widespread use of smartphones has made visiting websites on the phone a norm. According to an estimate, around 52% of the total web traffic comes from mobile phones. This figure shows the importance of providing a good user experience to mobile phone users. 

If your website is not responsive on mobile phones, then the chances are quite high that your business will not only end up losing the traffic but also the potential customers.  

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As mentioned in the beginning, your business website is akin to your house. As you keep on changing the furnishing of your house from time to time, you should do the same for your website. A few changes here and there will play a vital role in keeping the spirit of your website alive. 

If you have been witnessing any of the above-mentioned 9 indicators, then this is the right time to consider redesigning your website. Energise your website with its lost spark before it gets late!

Please contact our web experts to discuss your issues and the goals of the business. We will provide you with the right recommendation based on your situation.