I will be dead honest with you.

There is never a RIGHT TIME for starting a business.

It’s that simple.

Many 9-5 corporate jokers are delusional.

They get dragged by their thought of the right time that delays their first move to success.

However, it doesn’t mean you can jump start your business with the chunk of ideas.

There are certain things that set the road map for you.

But before anything you should know if you are absolutely READY for an online store.

Here are 5 signs that you should be able to understand to make a better decision.

You are too afraid to fail


Understand this:

In the world of entrepreneurship, you will get failures. Unless your luck runs wild, you will certainly get few setbacks in your business.

You need to know that failures are inevitable. It’s on you how you take the failure.

Do you want to cry about it or you want to take it as a lesson and try even harder?

This is what sets an entrepreneur from a normal person.

If you have what it takes to take the risk and care less about failure, then you are on board.

You want quick bucks


I really wish I could tell you that an online store is a wishing pond that satisfies your needs.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

It’s not the place where you can make quick money. If you are starting an eCommerce store with this mindset, then you should probably bury it down.

Working on eCommerce store is an ongoing process that takes years of hard work, planning, research, and commitment to have a success of some form.

Your best bet this kind of situation would be to invest your time on traditional business for a while till you have enough money to run the business as well as pay the bills.

Don’t expect your eCommerce business to start ripping cash from its first month.

Unless you have a formidable brand, it’s an unlikely case.

You are poor at decision making

descision making

Starting a business is tough. It will never be an easy work. But you probably only know that.

But one thing you should know is that to win at a long race you sometimes need to give up on short ones.

Don’t expect to win every race that comes in front you.

The same agenda works with running an online store.

You need to make harsh decisions to give up things that pay your bills to pursue your dream.

Ask yourself if your job is what you want to do forever? Can you quit your job?

These decisions take a long overdue. But unless you don’t have the decision-making ability, you shouldn’t step forward.

Business doesn’t work on assumptions, it works on decisions.

You need a guarantee


I’m amazed at how people ask for a guarantee. Nothing can be guaranteed.

Even the world lives in a hope that it will shine tomorrow. Can you guarantee that you will open your eyes tomorrow?

No, you can’t.

But as a human nature, people ask for guarantees.

And, this is where the heartbreaker comes:

There is simply no Guarantee that your business will work. Or simply say it won’t fail.

There are a lot of training programmes that will lure you to believe that there certainly is a way you can succeed 100%.

Being an entrepreneur means you have to take actions without thinking about the return. You should trust the strategies and execution to yield the profit.

However, there is no guaranteed return value. Sooner you accept better it is.

You don’t know anything about the web


While you will find numerous training programmes that will claim that you don’t need any web knowledge, 8 out of 10 times they are wrong.

Although you don’t need to be a web genius, you should at least know your way out of email, social media etc.

If you even struggle to do basic excel stuff on your computer, trust me you will have your work cut out.

With self-hosted platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce, you can set up your online store without a hassle, but if you have zero knowledge on how it works, you are likely to struggle.

Wrapping up

Here is the thing:

Although you can see these signs clearly, you shouldn’t be discouraged. One way or another taking action against these signs will take you closer to your destination.

You are never old to learn technology and it’s never late to take care of your finances.

The bottom line is you need to trust your instinct and give everything you have to your business. Get your expectations straight and run like a mad dog.

A successful online store is just around the corner.