Website Design Sydney

Website Design Sydney
Custom Website Design and Development Services

We specialise in custom web design Sydney, WordPress development, ongoing website maintenance and technical support. And we have over 12 years of experience working as WordPress developers.

User Friendly

WordPress has evolved into a highly popular CMS used by millions of people mostly due to its easy-to-use functionality. Once we complete your website design, you will gain access to the backend of your website and can edit your own content any time of the day and at no extra cost. And the website will be designed with the customer in mind so it will be easier for your customer to find the information they are looking for.

Mobile Responsive

As we are used to of doing the day to day work on our mobile, it's important to have a website which is catered to the mobile audience. We build websites that are responsive on mobile and smart devices. If you are looking for a website designer who can build a responsive website, please book a free consultation with one of our website design Sydney experts.

Highly Secured

As compared to its counterparts, WordPress is highly secure. It comes with a built-in adapter that notifies you each time a plugin has an update. This ensures that your website is safe from data crawlers seeking to hack your website. Additionally, it gives many options for heightened security through various plugins that ensure a high level of safety and security.

Easy to Use

Gone are the days when WordPress used to be just a blogging platform. It has evolved into a wildly popular CMS used by millions of people. Why? Because of its easy-to-use functionality. Even those who may not be “tech-savvy” can still easily get a hold of WordPress, with only a few tutorials. After we finish your website, you can easily edit your site content with our simple back end configuration.

SEO Friendly

WordPress is known by digital marketing experts globally as the top CMS for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). WordPress has been designed to allow non-tech beginners maintain the SEO function of their site with ease, from creating keyword rich meta tags and XML sitemaps to handling technical options like redirections.

Ongoing Support

We don't just build a website and move to another project. We are here to build a partnership with you and support you with all the technical needs so you can focus on your business. If you are looking for a website developer who can help you with all your website needs, we are the ideal fit for you. We will help you to maintain your website, keep it up to date with the security and technology, make ongoing changes and improvements.

Looking for a reliable website partner to help maintain your website and store front? Please book a free consultation to discuss our needs with one of our website experts.

Our Website Design Services Include

User experience design

We will organise a kick-off meeting with you to discuss your website requirements and plan out the sitemap and information architecture that needs to build your new website or refresh your existing website. One of the most important element of a successful website is to have a simple user experience so customers can easily find the information they are looking for with a few clicks. We will make sure your new website will be user friendly so you can achieve your business goals.

User interface design

Once we have a clear strategy for your new website with the wireframe and information architecture, the next step is to design a professional, modern and clean website that creates long-lasting first impressions. UI design is the cosmetic of your website. We will make sure the design reflects your brand and the way you want to position in the market. We will fill the colours, typography and images to best represent your brand possible at this step.

WordPress CMS

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world and powers more than 40% websites in the globe. We will use WordPress opensource CMS as the backend solution for your website so you can easily update, maintain and improve your website moving forward. However, we do offer ongoing support and maintenance plan if you don't want to take the technical hassle and focus on your business.

Website maintenance

We offer 30 days warranty on your website build. After 30 days, we can support you with our ongoing website care plans. If you want to get continuous support on the technical side of things and improve your website for better conversion and security, we recommend discussing your needs with one of our Website development experts to customise a plan that works for you and your business.

Browser compatible

All the websites we build at Nirmal Web Studio will be fully tested by our certified Quality Assurance Engineers on different browsers and devices to make sure there are no technical glitches. We usually test the website on a new version of all popular browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer. If you have any special requirements or any questions about the browser computability, please feel free to reach out to one of our Web experts.

Third-party integrations

If your businesses uses third-party software to run the business like CRM, inventory, accounting etc, we can help you to integrate third-party software with the website so you can avoid the manual work. Please send us the details about the tools you use and the way you want to use it, one of our WordPress Experts will review and get back to you with the plan and recommendations.

Website Design Process

Our first step in designing your website is to get to know your business. We kick off the process with a workshop where we map out your business objectives, target audience and key value proposition. We then draw up wireframes of the pages you require to get the right information to the right people in a compelling and sophisticated way.

At the end of this planning stage you will have a sitemap, customer journey map and rough sketches of all your key webpages.

Once we have devised the architecture of your WordPress website, we then draw up professional wireframes of all your webpages. This is critical to showing you the exact layout of your website before we move onto designing the look and feel of your site.

You will have the opportunity to revise the wireframes at this stage, including up to two rounds of revisions. At the end of this stage, you will be able to visualise the layout of your new website and move onto the UI design phase, where we bring to life your site with colour and imagery. If you are still working on your web content, we will add placeholders (dummy text) which will be replaced at a later stage.

Once the wireframes are ready, we will prepare a web style guide that outlines parameters for colour, graphics and other design elements to ensure that all designers and developers maintain consistency when representing your brand online.

During this stage, you will receive the actual design of your website with colour and images. You will have the opportunity to make up to two rounds of changes in a static environment on your desktop.

The next step in our process is to document in detail how each component of your design will pan out once the final website is live online. We will specify how all elements will be built during the development phase and which elements can be altered in the future through the backend system. This documentation will also act as a reference for developers to code the website so that the final website perfectly supports your business needs.

The next step is to start building your website using leading technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. Once we test the static layouts, we then integrate the new designs with the latest version of WordPress CMS and populate the content. During this stage we can provide you with a staging server link to view the progress of your website in real-time.

When the website is ready we will mirror the site in a development environment. Our team then tests the site across multiple browsers (latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge) and devices (iPhone and Android).

Once the website is ready for your review, we will send you a staging server link for final review. Generally, we provide two feedback rounds either on Trello or Google Sheet during the final testing phase. Rest assured, any errors that arise through this testing period will be fixed prior to launch.

Once your website is tested and ready to go live, we will set up redirection of your current URL to your new URL (if applicable) to retain your SEO value. We will also optimise your website for SEO, page speed and security.

Once we have completed our internal checklist for ‘go live’, we will upload the website on the live server. As part of our website handover process, we will provide a manual to help guide you in updating and maintaining your website moving forward.

Some of our website design and development portfolio

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4 Ways a local Web Design Company in Sydney can Benefit your Business

Professional website design will form the backbone of your online marketing capabilities as it showcases your business’s strengths, ethos and unique selling point/s based on an intimate knowledge of your industry and the local market. A great website will not only promote your professionalism but will be the tool you use to promote your online presence and connect with existing and potential customers.

Businesses understand the value of marketing themselves through an informative, functional and eye-catching website. This value can be further increased by monopolising the value-add of local web designers, web design companies and web developer Sydney based on the following benefits:

  1. Networking and linking up with potential customers:

    Many start-ups may be inclined to source Sydney web design services online. However, sourcing a local web design business in your area may offer unique networking opportunities not possible on the world wide web. Local agencies may be in a position to connect your business with new customers through their own network. This local networking potential exposes your business to the local market and offers you the opportunity of forging meaningful business relationships within your immediate area.

  2. Timely Support:

    Sourcing local web designers and web design company will make customer support more convenient. It will ensure that you are operating in the same time zone and potentially even the same business hours. Any queries and concerns can be dealt with in a timely manner thereby avoiding frustrations caused by time delays and out-of-office notices. You will have access to customer support as and when needed to address any pressing web design issues, content management and blog/news upload which may affect your business.

  3. Easier and better communication:

    Many online web designers operate remotely and will only communicate with clients electronically. If you hire a web design agency online you also run the risk that they don’t speak your language. Communicating creative elements and design aspects online can be time-consuming and frustrating as language barriers and online communications can cause conflict between the parties based on a misunderstanding of expectations and results. When relaying ideas and thoughts about design, layout and content you will benefit from face-to-face or over the telephone conversations.

  4. Understanding the local market:

    By sourcing local website design services, you’ll not only be building on your local network but you’ll be able to take advantage of their knowledge and understanding of your business’s demographics within a local context. The local web development company will have an advantage over online service providers in that they can create and design websites, eCommerce websites that benefit your business by directly engaging audiences within your immediate area.

If you’re looking for a proven and trusted web design company in Sydney, Australia, give us a call. At Nirmal Web Studio we offer holistic, professional and cost-effective website design and maintenance services that will be functional, eye-catching and resonate with your customers. Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly Sydney-based team members for more information. Whether you are a small business or an established online store, we can help you to generate more leads and sales online and grow your business. Get in touch with us today!

Website Design Sydney FAQs

Yes, all our websites are optimised on all devices. This means that your website will function perfectly on any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. We make sure we use the best responsive techniques and practices so user experience is seamless.

Yes. We build our websites on a content management system called WordPress. WordPress powers 40% of all websites on the Internet. It is an intuitive system that allows you to edit and add new content very easily. We provide a free training session for you so that you are well equipped to maintain the content yourself once your website is up and running.

The timeline for creating a website is largely determined by the size and complexity of the project. We provide realistic timelines and set clear expectations for clients and team members delivering each project. On average our usual turnaround time is 5 – 7 weeks.

The cost depends on your requirements, for instance the size of the site and the templates you require, the complexity of the features you would like to include on the website and how many design mock-ups you would like to see. In general, our website packages start from $7,000.

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