Is COVID affecting your Online sales?

What makes toilet roll shelves go empty one month and overstocked the next?

Why do people buy things erratically during a lockdown?

Why do store sales rise by 60% in just a single day?

These are just some of the super weird questions that no one has an answer to as yet. The problem not only lies in the behaviour of people during pandemics but also in how they are made to behave by the market controllers.

In short, the behaviour pattern depends more or less on perception. People have never experienced these kinds of lockdowns before. For them, lockdowns are akin to alien invasion or apocalypse. In such scenarios, they want to stay indoors for months, even years and that’s what leads to the shopping frenzy.

Surprisingly, during the pandemic lockdown, the sales of eCommerce products also boomed. In the mid of March 2020, when most countries decided for the lockdown, the eCommerce sales soared to an all-time high. Most eCommerce stores saw a conversion ratio of 100% during March and April.

sales of ecommerce

This pattern has never occurred before and it was surprising for everyone in the world. All in all, eCommerce sales grew by 44% year-over-year (YoY) in the US alone. In Australia, the growth of eCommerce sales was stupendous at 88% in comparison with last year.

sales growth

March was just the start, the sales rose to 78%, an all-time high in May and June. This was mostly because all countries were under strict lockdown. People had no option left but to order products online. Even stores that never registered more than 10% conversion ratio saw a 100% increase in total revenue.

But since June, most eCommerce store owners are experiencing a constant decrease in their site traffic and sales order. An obvious reason is the resurgence of regular activities post-lockdown. However, is there a way to keep the sales up to the same lockdown period? That’s what eCommerce store owners want to know.

Fortunately, we studied multiple eCommerce models and came up with these surefire ways of success.

Let’s learn how eCommerce stores can make more money from their websites during the lockdown period.

1. Improve Product Listings

The first thing you can do is to improve the type of listings your website has. Constantly monitor and compare data of the last three months and see which products are selling more. Are these products available on the homepage of your website? If not, then perhaps move them to the home page so even more people can buy them.

You can also replicate the product listings of your competitors and test them on your website. A/B testing or multivariate testing for at least two weeks will provide you with the right type of results.

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2. Implement Curbside Pickup

Walmart, Target, and many other online chain stores have implemented Curbside pickup. In this model, you can simply place orders online and then pick them up from the store at a time of your choice. Curbside pickup is also almost no-contact.

It means you will be in your car the whole time and a delivery guy will place the orders in the trunk of your car. You can check these items when you get home. If any product has a problem, you can simply request a refund for it from your app or website. The refund will be made in your account as soon as you get it back to the shop or a delivery guy can pick it up from your place.

Since most people are looking for contact-less shopping, adding a curbside pickup area will allow them to trust your store more.

Here is how Walmart is providing curbside pickup service.

3. Decrease Delivery Time

When people order online during a lockdown, they are mostly ordering necessity items. These items are needed on an urgent basis so they should be delivered on time. If you don’t deliver them on time, people won’t order from your website again.

So, deliver products on time. 90% of the customers will leave a bad review on your website if the products they order are not delivered within the given timeframe. So, make it a priority to deliver products on time.

4. Find a New Angle

You can sell most products with a new angle in the lockdown. Blue Light Kids makes anti-glare shades for children. They used to market them as anti-glare shades. But obviously, that was just one angle and in lockdown, many schools went online, the best way to market these shades was to show how glare from computer screens can impact eyesight.

Blue Light Kids

Similarly, vacuum-cleaning companies, self-repairing kit manufacturers, and many others can use different use cases to create new marketing ideas for their products as almost everyone would want to avoid contact with mechanics, home repairmen, and even gardeners during the lockdown.

5. Capitalize on Multi-channel Marketing

People are watching Netflix, browsing social media, and talking with their friends on Skype, Whatsapp, and Teams during the lockdown. So, you should capitalize on these marketing channels to promote your products. Run sponsored ads on social media, communication apps, and display ads on streaming websites.

Make sure that you win SERPs and promote your marketing content on the right organic terms to get your products in front of more people. If you are just selling through your own eCommerce website, make sure to leverage Amazon FBA, eBay listings, and Etsy products to get more orders.

Make sure to promote your products through Instagram and Facebook groups to increase your reach even further. People have a higher buying intent during the lockdown and your products can easily get more conversions. A search from WithIn marketing survey has even suggested that even vanity items like lipstick sales increased by 60% during the lockdown.

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6. Make Stories that Get Shared

Another great way to sell more online during a pandemic is to create stories that get shared on social media. For example, take this story by Cafe Gelato

Cafe Gelato

They arranged free kids meals for school children in need throughout the lockdown. These types of stories create a brand image among people, thus increasing sales.

7. Launch Products that Sell During COVID

Some products won’t sell at all during a pandemic. But some products will sell like crazy. You will have to figure out what people are buying the most and then go for them.


Most companies started selling customized face masks and gloves because people want to match them with their dresses. These are selling like hot cakes during the quarantine.

Other products that are selling more are home gym wear and fitness equipment, thermometers, medical appliances, homemaking kits, and gardening equipment.

People realize that they will have to take care of everything during a quarantine so they opt for DIY kits. If you can launch any such products through your eCommerce store, then these will be a definite sell.

8. Double Down on Sales Practices

Use proven sales tactics to sell more of your products. You can use sales practices like upsell, cross-sell, exit popups, time-bound offers, countdown timers, surge pricing, and stock limits to make people buy more of certain products.

During quarantine, people are more likely to buy substitutes, alternatives, and complementary items. Show cross-selling offers during checkout and in order confirmation emails.
You can also remarket to your customers with upselling offers to make them buy more of such items.

Sales Practices


There are multiple ways to improve your profit bottom line during the pandemic quarantine. What you need to do is to improve the customer journey and understand the buying intent.

If you are facing any issues in offering the right products to your customers, we can help you with that.

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