WordPress has been around for a while now. Millions of businesses, big as well as small, use it for their website development. It is undoubtedly the most popular website content management system. Yet, some common misconceptions still exist.

The existence of such misconceptions is harmful to businesses. This is because these misconceptions act as a hindrance in the way of choosing the best platform for your business’s website.

Do you also have any such misconception about WordPress?

In case you do not know the answer to this question, no worries!

We will list down ten common misconceptions about WordPress here, and then you can check for yourself!

WordPress can only be used for blogging

Yes, WordPress indeed started as a blogging platform. Bloggers used it to create their online blogs. It was and still is quite famous among the blogger community.

However, just like all other businesses, WordPress also diversified its operations. Over the years, it grew and became much more than a blogging platform. As of today, WordPress is not only used for creating blogs, but also for creating all sorts of websites. It is a top-rated open-source platform for business websites.

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How to Make a WordPress Website in 2020

WordPress is not completely secure

Businesses are often misled by unreliable sources that try to deem WordPress as an insecure platform. This is surely not the case. If anything, WordPress is way more secure than other such CMSs.

It is an open-source forum, so its code is readily available on the internet. Anyone can access it and study it. Furthermore, WordPress offers its users unprecedented flexibility. So you can download numerous plugins even further to tighten the already stringent WordPress security. For example, we use the Wordfence plugin on all the websites we built. There are many other factors you need to consider to make the website secured like a secured web hosting platform and other security measures.

If you are having any sort of trouble dealing with your WordPress web site’s security, hit us up now, and we will assist you in any and every way possible!

Only small businesses can use WordPress

This perception is flawed. WordPress does not differentiate businesses based on their scale. It welcomes all sizes of businesses with arms wide open. Yes, in that sense of the word, it is inclusive.

Several well-known big businesses have used WordPress to develop their business website. These include but are not limited to CNN, Sony, Harvard Business Review, and the New York Times. A lot of Fortune 500 companies use WordPress.

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WordPress is not suitable for e-commerce websites

No, that is a myth. E-commerce businesses can design their website using WordPress. They won’t face any issue at all.

However, indeed, WordPress does not have a built-in shopping cart. Nevertheless, to compensate for its absence, it has numerous plugins. You can download any such plugin and design your e-commerce website smoothly.

One of the most famous plugins is WooCommerce. Most of the e-commerce websites rely on it.

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WordPress is free, so it’s quality is not impressive

Well, not everything worth having is bought from money. Some things are free and yet awesome. WordPress is surely one such thing!

It has been ruling the web development sector for years now. Quality assurance is part of its team’s job. At the back-end, quality is being maintained through constant updates. Hence, you can be sure that quality is one thing that WordPress does not compromise on at all.

Future of WordPress websites is uncertain

Well, what in this world is certain? Any and everything is full of uncertainty.

However, if there is anything that is being run and managed by a group of people around the world, its uncertainty is way less. A community of web developers manages WordPress from around the world. These people are working around the clock for the betterment and quality enhancement of WordPress websites.

Hence, a platform that has so many people associated with it cannot vanish overnight. It is credible enough, and it is surely here to stay!

There is no priority support for WordPress websites

That is not true. If anything at all, WordPress has a very strong support structure. There are millions of WordPress users across the globe. These users often come together on different forums to offer each other with whatever support possible. As the number of WordPress users is constantly growing, it means that its support structure is getting stronger and stronger.

However, if you are on a look-out for priority support and maintenance for your WordPress website, our team of web developers are ready to lend you a helping hand. Reach out to us today and let our experts become your WordPress support buddies!

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WordPress is not reliable because a community rather than a company manages it

Yes, WordPress is indeed run by a community. A community of professionals who are passionate about the work they do and are bound by their common interest. Hence, perfection is reflected in whatever work they do.

What else does one need to consider an open-source forum reliable?

All WordPress websites look similar

That is not the case. No, not all WordPress websites look similar. WordPress does have several free and premium templates available. These themes can be used for a website look and feel.

However, if you wish to customise your website so that it can stand out, you can opt for a customised design and development. Such websites are tailored according to the needs of the business and do not look similar to other websites at all.

If you wish to get a customised website designed for your business, dial the digits given below and get a chance to discuss your website design with our expert.

WordPress is only for beginners.

WordPress is for everyone. Big businesses, as well as small businesses, beginners as well as experts. It has something substantial for everyone. That is exactly what makes it stand-out!

You just got to make an effort, and you will find it compatible with complex programming languages too!


By now, you must have surely identified all the misconceptions that you have regarding WordPress. It is time for you to get rid of these misconceptions and benefit from this incredibly useful website development platform.

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