Getting more orders for your products depends a lot on how you place and promote your products. Even if your product is valuable to the user, they won’t buy it unless you have promoted it through a separate landing page that showcases its use case to the visitors in the best way possible.
In short, creating a landing page for your products is an art in itself. Those who master it, master the way to earning more sales and therefore more profit from it.

Let’s learn how you can use landing pages in WordPress for making the most profit from your ad campaigns.

Why Create Landing Pages for Your Website?

The first thing you need to focus on is to think about how you will be promoting your product to the public. This would include:

  1. What template will you use to create the landing page?
  2. What will be unique about your landing page?
  3. How many CTAs will it include and what will be the intent of those CTAs?
  4. Get it tested from multiple users before you take it live.

But before you start creating a landing page, it is important to understand if you actually need one. Most of the time, you don’t need a landing page to sell your products. So, first:

You need a landing page if,

  1. You are trying to sell a product that requires explanation through its own use case.
  2. You want to place videos, description, and images of the product to make it sell
  3. You want people to directly land on the page and buy the product from it
  4. You want to make the product landing page more attractive for users so that they have low bounce rate and a higher average session per page.
landing page
Try to visualize what you will add to the landing page on WordPress.

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Tools and Plugins to Create a Landing Page

Here are some of the best tools to use for creating a landing page on a WordPress website.

1. Beaver builder

First on our list is BeaverBuilder. Beaver builder is a landing page and site template builder plugin. With this plugin in hand, you don’t need a designer on your team. Beaver Builder can create stunning page designs that you can use to make your website more attractive, increase the visitor flow, and get a higher CTR of your website.

Beaver builder

2. Elementor

Elementor is another great landing page creation tool. It is a holistic website design package that can be used with hundreds of free and paid themes. Elementor offers over 300 assets and blocks that you can use to design the layout of each page on your website. It comes with a library of 200+ templates that you can directly add to your website.


Whether you are looking for a simple landing page that gets clicks, to a product landing page that can turn more potential customers into buyers, then Elementor is the best landing page creation tool you can get.

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3. Divi

Divi is another great landing page creation tool for WordPress campaigns. It also offers its own theme called Divi. However, you can use the Divi page builder with other themes on WordPress. Divi has over 800 pre-made designs that site owners can use to create new templates within seconds.


4. SeedProd

Next, we have SeedProd, an all-inclusive landing page plugin. Whether you are looking to get more leads, get clicks on your check-out button, or want more attendees for your webinar, the SeedProd plugin can do that all for you.


Since SeedProd is specifically designed to create stunning landing pages, you will get everything such as fonts, design blocks, even input fields for forms. You can create your own button designs or alter colours and text. Creating landing pages with SeedProd is a no-brainer. Anyone with a basic understanding of site management can easily create landing pages for their website using the SeedProd plugin.

Once you are done creating landing pages for your WordPress website, the next step is to split test them. This will help you understand which landing page designs are getting more conversions.

Split Testing for Landing Pages on WordPress

You can test your website landing pages through split testing. Make sure that you create two different designs for the type of page that you want to display to the user.

  1. Once both designs are created, use an A/B testing software like Google Optimize to test your landing pages.
  2. Make sure to test your A/B pages with an audience of at least 1000 so that you get an idea about how people are behaving to your pages.
  3. Once you have surpassed the audience size, you can make the more likable version of the page live.

Testing Pages on Ad Campaigns

Once your pages are live, you can add them to your paid ad campaigns and see how users are behaving. If you are using Google ads, you will need to make sure that your landing page has the optimum page score needed for your ads. The page score will help rank your ads higher in the SERPs in the ad listings section.

Hiring a Developer for Landing Page Optimizations

Last but not the least, if you need more refinement in landing page creation, then the best way to go about it is to hire a WordPress website customization expert. A WordPress expert will ensure:

  • Your website gets the most eyeballs
  • It remains attractive to the visitors
  • It has a concrete and flawless user flow across the site
  • Landing pages are prominently placed
  • Visitors convert faster

If you are unsure how to customize your WordPress website landing pages for ad campaigns, then hiring a designer can be a great choice.


In summary, WordPress users can easily create landing pages for their website with minimum effort by using plugins like Elementor, BeaverBuilder, and various others.
Those users who have no idea how to use the tools can either learn them through YouTube or hire an expert WordPress customizer to get the job done.

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