Are you stuck in WordPress site development? Don’t know how to take your website live and ramp it up to bring in more business?

While WordPress is an excellent platform for anyone who wants to start their online business, it still requires technical expertise. If you are not a technical expert yourself, you would need the right partner that can take your project off the ground and make it successful.

Let’s discuss what steps you should take when choosing a technical partner for your WordPress projects.

Some tough questions you should be looking at:

  • Is building a relationship with your technical partner important?
  • What level of expertise do you want?
  • How your budget can help you find the right WordPress development partner

… and many more

Your technical expert is like your other half. Choose the wrong one and you are doomed for failure.

  • Using Your Network

Your search should always start from your network. If someone in your network already has a technical partner, choose them. You already know they are trusted and can get the job done. So, the worry of finding a reliable partner will already be solved.

If you don’t have technical experts in your network, ask them for references. They will know someone who is already working as a technical expert and will be able to work as your WordPress development partner. You can either consider him on a retainer or get him on board on a per-project basis.

  • Finding common ground

Are you looking for a technical co-founder, or are you looking for a technical consultant? If you already have the technical knowledge, you can get freelance WordPress experts onboard that can work on your website or store.

If you don’t have time to manage a team of freelance WordPress developers, your best bet is a WordPress development agency. They usually dedicate a project manager that will work on your project and keep

  • Difference Between Expertise and Knowledge

You want experts, but you need knowledgeable teams first. The difference is stark and long-term. Your expert project developers will create the complete WordPress project and hand over the site to you.

While your knowledgeable developers will not only hand over the project but spend a week or two to help your in-house teams learn the ropes. They will train them, create relevant documentation, that can help your in-house team work effectively using that software.

Remember, there are numerous project development experts available but only a few are helping enough to train your teams. You should look for a technical partner that can train your teams. Because in the end, it will be your teams that will be working on that platform to scale the overall business. The sooner you find one, the better.


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  • Focus on the Process

Every technical partner has a written process that they follow. If you are looking for a development team to work on your WordPress project, find out what type of process they follow.

Freelance development agencies usually do an intro meeting where they discuss your brief and assign you a project manager. The project manager stays in touch with you throughout the project development cycle. They also set up weekly meetings where you are briefed on the overall development, flaws, solutions, current progress, and timeframes.

Make sure that you choose a technical partner for your WordPress website that has a clear process laid out for them.

  • Compare Pricing & More

Now that you have settled on a few technical development partners, it is time to compare their pricing. The best part about pricing is that you can always negotiate it. Software development companies ALWAYS have, and I ALWAYS mean room for negotiation.

They know that if their price with profit is $100, clients will ask them to offer them the service for $60 or $70.

That’s why they will keep a price of $149 to make sure that even if the clients bargain the price, they still get profit on the service they offer to the clients.

Once you have a few technical development partners in the review stage, you can create a pricing plan where they will offer you the service that you want at a price of your choice.

If one technical partner is asking for $30 per hour and the other is asking for $35 per hour, choose one that offers more services. Talk to their previous clients or read the case studies they have already written.

  • Commitment is the Key

I have always suggested choosing a technical partner that commits to delivery and delivers what they commit. You can test each development partner through a trial product or a project-specific requirement to understand how they work.

A trial will help you understand how the technical partner or technical WordPress development agency communicates with you. Their overall development process and their commitments to delivering the work on time.

If the development partner is a no-show or they lack email-based communication, you can easily discount them and move to those that actually value your work.

  • Always Check References & Testimonials

Finally, your reputation is at stake if there are some problems with your website. So, make sure that you always check the reference of the development partner that you hire for the project.

If you are hiring an off-shore development partner for business, you need to look at a few things. These include:

  • What projects have they worked on in the past?
  • Do they have any reliable development clients?
  • Have they been referred to you by someone from your network?
  • Do both of you have any mutual connections that can vouch for them?
  • Are they responsive to you even before you hire them? Because if they aren’t, chances are, they won’t be even if you hire them.

Take Your WordPress Project off the Ground

Before anything else, spend some time following the steps we have highlighted to understand your requirements and the value that a technical partner will bring to your project and to your business as a whole


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