In a technical field like web, there is never a word called “perfect”. It doesn’t matter if you are coding for 20 years, you will only be called as an experienced developer, not a perfect developer.


Because there is always a place to learn. One of the best ways to hone your skills is through learning from others experience.

And, the conference is the perfect place to connect with brilliant minds, develop new tricks, and get inspirations for future endeavours.

Whether it’s a local small conference or a big on; little mingling does help to build a real connection. And networking is certainly one of the wheels that run the business cart.

As you are here, you probably have a brief idea on the importance that conferences shed on business making. However, for those who are still suspicious, this checklist should help you take the right decision.

  • The experts and influencers you never thought you could meet come face to face with you.
  • It gives vast opportunities for networking. From every race and form, you can network globally.
  • Success stories, horror journey, and new tools introduction makes conferences even more interesting.
  • Creates an environment that takes you out of your comfort zone so you can learn in new space.
  • Networking with like-minded people creates greater focus and you learn more tricks and tips.
  • There is more than just the talking. The workshop makes the conference more enlightening.
  • If you are poor at making networks, well it’s definitely a place to have fun with exciting events.

So if you are convinced, here are 4 best conferences in Australia that you must attend if you are a web designer or developer.



Source: Respond

Respond is the conference that is all about creating a beautiful responsive experience that simply works. It’s scheduled to take place in 3 of the main cities of Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane in different dates. Whether you are a designer, developer, creative artist, or a product manager, you can certainly have your portion of takeaways cites Ethan Marcotte. If you are a big fan of responsive web design just like me, respond conference is where you have to be.



Source: Code

The name simply defines what this conference has to offer. The code is a celebration of front end engineers who make the event ever so wonderful. This is where you connect with peers that have devoted years to practising high maintenance workflow, security, and quality performance. The featured members of W3C’s technical architecture group skyrocket the standard of this conference.

UX Australia


Source: UX Australia

UX Australia is a 4-day action packed event that is being held in Sydney that covers everything about user experience. It has a great line of speakers and workshops that will certainly take UX to the different level. If you are a UX designer or working on front-end, this is the conference you must attend. It’s a hands-on event that is targeted to develop your UX skills and technical network. If you are designer laser focused on user experience, you want to be here.

The Design Conference

Source: The Design Conference

The Design Conference is a complete solution focused on industry insights, hands driven design skills, and business strategies. The whole objective of this conference is to help you grow into a complete designer with an eye to next generation. The keynote speakers from US and UK make it even more fascinating to grab the design culture.

Wrapping up,

If you are serious about improving your skills at design and development, these 4 conferences is a must-go. Sign up for the event, attend it, and let us know how it went. We would love to hear it from you.