In the recent times, CodeIgniter has become one of the first choices of the developers for creating the website. Though every programmer has their own preferences when it comes to selecting the right programming framework for the apps but still CI has definitely gained a lot of popularity. It is because of the several new features which are not found in other frameworks and this is the reason it is high in demand. Most of the developers as well as designers are using to create a website using CodeIgniter owing to the number of benefits that it offers to the people.

Though there are numerous reasons as for why PHP framework CodeIgniter is the number one choice of the developers but some of them are given below:

Inbuilt security tools

One of the highlighting features of CodeIgniter is the inbuilt security tools that help you to add a desired level of security to your websites as well as the applications. The default setting in itself turns off the magic quotes runtime directives which are initialized as soon as the query is entered and thus it overcomes the issue of fetching it from the database. There are other security features too like cookie encryption etc which can also be enabled for enhanced protection.

Huge active user community

The CodeIgniter PHP web application development services are being used by many programmers as well as developers hence there are a lot of active users associated with the CI community. This means that if you have any query or issue while programming you can easily get it resolved. The active users can assist you in the website creation process thereby making it a seamless experience, especially for the beginners. So getting connected with the CI community can prove beneficial in a number of ways.

No installation required

This is something which makes this framework apart from the others. As compared to other platforms like UNIX etc which require installation thus increasing the problem, CodeIgniter does not require the same. It means that you can easily upload all the files to the directory and start running your framework. In case you need to make any changes, the same can be done in an easy manner thus preventing several issues.

Simple to grab

Most of the developing platforms that you will come across are typical to understand and get familiar with. But CI definitely rocks in this area as getting used to it is quite simple. You can easily learn about the new libraries, how to use them and integrate wisely as per the requirement. By putting a little effort you can certainly modify the framework smartly and get the best out of it. So its simplicity is the attention grabbing feature which is being loved by the users.

MVC architecture

MVC is the model, view and controller architecture with which you might be familiar. As compared to the other frameworks, CI gives you the advantage to use it as per your needs and integrate it well to get the desired results. Other programming languages and their frameworks do not provide such a facility and that is why most of them are relying on CodeIgniter as one of the finest solutions for website development.

Handling bugs is simple

While writing the code, there are high chances that you will come across errors and it is important to handle them properly. CodeIgniter puts an end to all such issues as you can easily manage the bugs and get rid of them thus making your code error free. There is numerous error handling techniques as well which can be utilised to overcome the bugs and look forward to a smooth running of the code. So CI gives you the advantage to manage the bugs in a hassle free manner.

Cache class

This is a crucial feature which can make a lot of difference to your website but most of the frameworks do not have it. Even the developers do not suggest it to their clients owing to the complications that it has. But if you wish to make out the most of your website, adding a cache class can definitely prove helpful. CI helps you with cache library that can be integrated in a superb way to meet your needs. So you can say that cache class is a necessary element and clients want to have it.

Thus it is very clear that CodeIgniter has some of the amazing features that you will be able to enjoy. Both the developers as well as the clients can benefit if they opt for CI as their framework for developing the websites. It is not only a secure framework but the ease of use, MVC architecture etc are some of the added features which distinguish it from other options. That is why it has become the first choice of the developers with the future prospects being really brilliant.

Future prospects of CodeIgniter:

The latest version of CodeIgniter framework that is the CI 4.0 is integrated with several new and advanced features that include easy learning, simple integration features, high-end security tools and much more that the developers will surely admire. The main reason to upgrade it was just to enhance the features and overcome the problems the developers were facing in the earlier versions. That is why it was decided that upgrading it would be a great choice and has proved really successful.

There are many developers who are using this framework since many years and pleased with the new version that is making a huge difference to the overall development of the website. Things have become effortless on the part of the developers and offering better attributes to be integrated into the website. Thus one can look forward to a swift development process which is highly admired by the developers as well as the clients. So try the new and updated version of CI today.

About the Author: Kerin Miller is a reputed CodeIgniter developer and part time blogger, who works for Stellen Infotech – custom CodeIgniter development company. She likes to write insightful articles and share them with her readers. To know more about Kerin and her company, follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.