Why do businesses have websites? So that people interested in their services can easily find them online. 

How can people do that? When they offer quality help to the visitors, they are surely going to get them to subscribe to their websites; offer leads; and even order products or services from them. That’s why lead generation is so important for digital businesses.

The problem is that not many businesses are getting quality leads. They struggle at bringing traffic to the website. As a lead generation expert, I have advised many companies on creating proper lead generation funnels. Let’s look at some of the biggest lead generation mistakes that companies always make when looking for more leads.

Lead Generation Problems and How You Can Fix Them

Many new digital agencies are starting their websites for the first time. They are unsure about what steps to take. These problems and their solutions will help them get their first leads easily.

1. No Lead Generation Channels

The biggest problem with lead generation is that the majority of the websites don’t have any lead generation channels in place. They don’t know what to do with the visitors they are getting on the site. This causes lag in lead generation.

To fix this issue, add multiple lead generation channels to your website. If you are getting organic traffic, start paid ads.  If you haven’t started social channels yet, start promoting your content out through social media groups and even social media paid ads. Go for multiple social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and various others.

Try generating leads by adding a PDF to your WordPress site and offering it as a free giveaway.

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2. Bad User Experience

Is your website properly set up for leads? Do a test to see how many steps people have to go through when they visit your website.

Let’s see.

Visitors searches > gets to your blog > finds link to your landing page > fills the form

Now you need to reduce the number of steps people have to go through. So, add form on the blog page. You will have to provide an explanation about what your product is about otherwise this will be a low quality lead.

Similarly, you can add the form on the landing page itself. So, when the visitor visits the landing page, they can fill the form if they are interested in your product.

3. Poorly Written Content

Your content should convert people to buy the service or the product that you are trying to sell.

If your content is poorly written or if you are observing that the content doesn’t bring the number of leads that you want, then perhaps you need a better content writer for your website.

Moreover, poorly written content is not just about unattractive content that looks boring to people but unoptimized content that is not search friendly. 

So make sure that your writer writes quality content that is attractive – can hook readers, and SEO optimized – gets indexed and ranked on Google search.

4. Lack of Trust

The next problem with lack of leads is that your website looks shady to the visitors. They don’t trust you and therefore they are not going to put their information on the forms available on your site.

How do you fix this problem? You get endorsements from others. You get reviews, testimonials, ratings, and even run for awards on b2b ratings and reviews websites so that people take your website seriously.

Second reason why people don’t trust your website is because your website doesn’t look professional. So, find a better designer and developer to fix your site design.

When you have social signals, endorsements, awards images, and PCI compliant images, on your website people will automatically know that you mean business.

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5. No Split Testing

Are you properly testing the pages on your website? If not, then you are making a huge mistake. Websites that don’t do proper testing on their website, they lose a lot of leads just because they don’t have the proper channels set up.

So, start adding split tests on your landing pages. There are two types of tests that you can do: Multivariate testing, and Split testing. Both are great for checking how the number of users on your site are behaving.

Once you have data, you can test different versions to see which ones work better for your website/blog.

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You are targeting people in India when your customer resides in the US. To fix that you need to tone down on the Indian content. Indian content brings Indian visitors. Indian visitors means that Google will rank your website higher in search engines in India only. You don’t want that. Do you? So, focus on US based visitors. Find ways to target your content to a US based audience. This can be through paid ads, Google search, organic advertisements, and anything else that you can get your hands on. Social media and even images are a great source of traffic. Focus on classified listings and relevant websites where you can publish guest posts.

All these will help you gain the right type of audience for your business and consequently more leads.

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment… Succeed

The way to increase the number of leads on your website is by experimenting with different methods and then sticking with one that bears the most fruits.

If you think organic channels work the best for you, then go for them. If you think paid results are the best way to bring traffic to your website, then you can do that too. It all boils down to experimentation and success. So, focus on ways that can bring the most traffic to your website and then stick with that.


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