Today, Most of people depend on websites for education, communication, shopping and more. The web design profession is rising these days and web design industry is considered a good one with relation to job prospect as well as future growth. Demand for skilled and dedicated web designer is always high. Also, we can see tough competition among job seekers in the web design industry.

Key skills web designer should master

  • Committed and understand new technology and trends
  • Get familiar with complete design process
  • Master the art of good listening
  • Awesome communication skill
  • Passionate to design and learn
  • Aptitude for technical skills

Types of web design

  • Responsive web design
  • Fixed design
  • Flat web design
  • Single page web design
  • Parallax design

If you are a web designer looking for a job in Australia, you might be keen to know the salary of a web designer. However, the web designer salary varies from place to place.

The Mapographic outlines the web designer salary of various places in Australia.

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Web Designer salary Australia

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Quick Facts on Web Designer of Australia


  • In Australia, the total male web designer is 76.2% and female web designer is 23.8%.
  • Average pay for web designer salary ranges from AU$36,404 to AU$71,124 per year. >>tweet it<<


  • Sydney based web designer enclose the minimum salary of AU$39413 and maximum salary of AU$73757. >>tweet it>>
  • Here, total male and female web designers are 65% and 35% respectively.


  • In Melbourne, 68% male and 32% female are working as a web designer.
  • Their salary ranges from AU$37473 to AU$78358.


  • In Perth, male and female web designers are 61% and 39% respectively.
  • Here, the annual salary of web designer ranges from AU$37500 to AU$71124.


  • The male and female web designer in Brisbane is 68% and 32% respectively.
  • The annual salary ranges from AU$35172 for an entry level web designer to AU$59742 for an experienced web designer.

Gold Coast

  • In Gold Coast, 68% male and 32% female web designer earns AU$49056 per year.


  • The minimum pay for Adelaide, South Australia web designer is AU$33772 and maximum pay is AU$55368 for per year.
  • The total male and female web designer working in Adelaide is 94% and 6% respectively.

Source: Breakdown of facts and data extracted from PayScale