Looking for web design training resources?

Interested in improving your skills in designing?

With the increasing number of web design company in Sydney, the profession is coming on a rise. Yet, website design can be difficult without adequate knowledge and skills.

The only pure amount of new techniques and acronyms that appear daily might make more troubling and confusing, even you are an expert in the technical field.


You do not have to worry as there are lots of training resources that come to your help. In This article, I have covered top 29 online resources that will certainly help you to get a good start.

Now, let’s get into top online resources for web design training:

1.  Alison

One of the best resources Alison allows you to learn web design for free. It facilitates the one willing to develop skills with certified and diploma-level courses with the modern standards.

They also allow you to decide on the place of learning yourself. To get the important more instantly, the courses can be sorted according to popularity, date, and title.

Besides, you can go for review as per your wish as you desire to get the satisfactory result.

If you receive more than 80% scores, you can officially be a certified Alyson graduate. Yes, you can download learner record or ask for the certificate.

web design training resource Alison
Source: Alison

2.   Aquent Gymnasium

Aquent Gymnasium offers completely free instruction based on in-demand skills and technologies of website design. Courses are taught by skilled practitioners who are available 24/7. And, the courses are separated into full courses and short courses. Full courses include the videos of 3 to 6 hours, coursework, and quiz, while short courses provide videos that last less than an hour.

Eventually, those learners who desire for a full course are given to pass a final exam. If you attain 85% or more, you can get a certificate of merit.

For ease, you can set the time to complete all the courses on your own. Earlier you begin learning, take a glance at the checklist of some expertise you achieve after carrying out the preferred course.

Courses Offered:

Full course:

  • Coding for designers
  • jQuery building blocks
  •  JavaScript foundations

Short course:

  • Node.js
  • WordPress theme development
  • Layout building in Bootstrap 3
  • Use of Sketch and more
Source: Gymnasium

 3.  Channel 9 web development

If you have just started your journey as a beginner and have no sufficient knowledge with any kind of website design or programming, then this website Channel 9 web development is dedicated to you.

The courses on the website are organised as simple to understand videos that drive you to the path of success. As you start learning the basics of one course you are allowed to go for another one.

For newbie learners, there are 21 dissimilar videos, where you learn need to make a good and media packed website.

Source: Channel9

4.   Code Avengers

The website contains more than 100 courses that begin with the basics for embedding and designing JavaScript and also the development of an online application.

Besides, you can use the course yourself or utilise those materials to instruct others. Give a look at the vocabulary of the terms they have provided you as they are challenging to take exact what is going if you do not understand the words they use.

Give a look at the vocabulary of the terms they have provided you as they are challenging to take exact what is going if you do not understand the words they use.

Courses Offers:

  •  Python
  • Web Development
  • Design
  • Game Development
  • Computer Science
Code Avenger
Source: Codeavengers

5.  Code Racer

Even though Code racer does not participate completely, it is totally different. On the website, you have to complete code earlier than you enemy otherwise they might use special weapons to halt the progress and win awards.  You will really enjoy the site; it is an interactive and enjoyable way to gain the fundamental skills of HTML and CSS.

Code racer
Source: Code racer

6.  Code School

If you love free videos, Code school is perfect for you. The videos are intended for the individuals who require gaining some knowledge in coding and other technical problems.

Also, you can use the resources if you are willing to learn JavaScript, Ruby, Git and iOS for free of charge. You have to watch videos courses with stepwise instruction and practice coding straight from the browser.

After you successfully deal with challenges and finish the course levels you get points and badges. Each activity is tracked by the medium of your personal report card.

Courses Offered:

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Electives
  • Database
  • GIT
Code school
Source: Codeschool

7. Codecademy

Codeacademy is dedicated to developing the best learning experience inside and out. Also, you will find this best place to learn, teach and build the online learning experience for upcoming days as well.

If you are willing to learn to code in different languages devoid of breaking the bank then Codeacademy is the best place for you. More than 25 million global online learners have put them to the test.

Courses offered:

  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
Source: Codecademy: Codecademy

8.  Codrops

Codrops can be an ideal resource for web developers at any level searching for the little motivation. The website is rich of tutorials and code demos that push front-end code to the limit.

Mostly, Tutorials start with a beautiful demo with animation or transition or the dynamic interaction. It mainly focuses on the exclusive features like a preloader or adding an off-canvas menu. After that, the tutorials take you through the code showing you different ways along with examples.

 Each tutorial comes with code packages that can be downloaded and checked by you. Remember, Codrops might not switch you from novice to the expert web developer, but it is ideal for those learners willing to widen their imagination a little.

Courses Offered:

  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Web and UX Design
  • Hand Lettering and Typography
  • Design Fundamentals
  • Design Software
  • Business for Designers
  • Design Inspiration
Source: Tympanus

9.  CreativeLive

CreativeLive is the premium source of best web design. The website facilitates the learners with expert instructors who can educate you various aspects of the targeted area like custom lettering, branding, the creation of colour schemes and optimisation for graphics for the internet.

 To list out more examples, the website also provides the class on developing Responsive WordPress website, updating WordPress theme with HTML/CSS, design websites in illustrator and more.

If you are engaged in e-commerce, you will get some handy tutorials based on the field. You can find the wider selection here which becomes easier as it allows sorting the classes by the date and popularity.

Source: Creativelive

10.  CSS-Tricks

Initiated on 4th July 2007, in the blog CSS-Tricks, web designer Chris Covier makes his movement through some of the recent CSS practices. The blog is well admired between the expert web designers and has recently built a partnership with Treehouse. Truly, It is an outstanding and continuously updated resource for tips, tutorials
and video lessons for free of cost.

CSS Tricks
Source: css-tricks

11. Dash General Assembly

The course in Dash general Assembly is particularly intended for the newbie learners who use series of interactive story relevant to the tutorials to teach them little about design. Here, you can also learn about website design in general that covers the lessons on JavaScript and HTML/CSS.

Note down the utilisation of simple concepts that are used to make the website striking. It does not go along the people looking for e-commerce website but might go for the learners willing to make their website shine without hiring professional designers.

It only counts in the lightweight course that does not get deep into the subject. Besides, it only provides sufficient to teach you how to develop an attractive website.

Dash General Assembly

12.  KelbyOne

A premium online training resource KelbyOne is specially intended for creative learners. Here, the website design section provides the courses taught by the authors using various tools and techniques.

For an instance, if you are allowed to learn developing websites with Adobe Muse, Fireworks and Dreamweaver. You can find the tutorials based on developing online portfolios with InDesign and Lightroom.

And, if you are willing to influence the potentiality of Photoshop in your web venture, you can also find the diversity of course by the industrial experts.

 Here, you will receive limitless access to the complete library of KelbyOne for monthly membership payment. In addition, the resource also facilitates you with the choice of offline courses which can be viewed through iOS devices.

Courses Offered:

  • Fine art Photography
  • Photoshop Techniques
  • Aviation Photography
  • From Flat to Fabulous
  • Landscape Photography
  • Photo Recipes and more
Source: Kelbyone

13.  Khan Academy

Founded by Salman Khan in 2006, Khan Academy has moved towards complete non-profit online education resource. The platform provides various courses in the wide-ranging subjects although its main focus is Math and Science. All the courses contain the sequence of videos that assist you to gain new skills and face interactive challenges.

The website development section of Khan Academy might be still new and currently, the website’s main concern is about using JavaScript. If you are willing to gain more credibility going through good resources on HTML and CSS then, Khan Academy comes to the choice.

Source: Khanacademy

14.  Learn Python the Hard Way

Learn Python the hard way is another free online book where you can learn the basic of coding and get ready to proceed towards more challenging books as well.

Courses Offered:

  • Python
  • Ruby
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • UNIX
  • Design

Learn Python the hard way

15.  LearnToProgram.tv

 If you have an interest in website development and willing to built the career but confused where to start from, then LearnToProgram.tv is ideal for you. The website is hosted by Lassoff and the introduction part of website development is made to provide the preview of life of a website developer.

 With fast-paced lectures, code samples, and lab exercise, the website will take you close to HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, teaching you different methods used by proficient web developer daily.

Courses Offered:

  • HTML5 Specialist Designation
  • CSS Specialist Designation
  • HTML5 for Beginning Beginners
  • Professional Developers Association
  • Certified web development professional
  • Certified JavaScript Specialist
  • PHP and MYSQL
  • Joomla for beginners
  • Design for Coders
Learn to program
Source: Learntoprogram

16.  Lynda

Lynda is a wide-ranging resource that contains more than 330 website design courses and about 9,500 video tutorials. The website has courses for both beginner and experienced web designers.

They provide the topics that contain website design basics, the foundation of UX, child themes, responsive website design, and more.

Also, you can find the courses for different types of software like Bootstrap, WordPress web development, Adobe, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and more.

Courses Offered:

  • WordPress essential training
  • JavaScript for web designer
  • Design the web
  • Web Icons with SVG
  • Building custom HTML5
  • Foundations of UX
  • Dreamweaver CC beta
  • Creating Responsive web design
Source: Lynda

17. Mozilla school of web craft

   The Mozilla School of Webcraft includes the part of an open education curriculum that provides training courses free of cost. The course covers CSS, PHP, and HTML. The website also facilitates learner with different challenges to evaluate your skills.

Courses Offered:

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • CSS
Mozilla school of webcraft
Source: p2pu

18. Opera web Standard Curriculum

Alike W3schools Opera web standard curriculum is based on the plain text which is not particularly seductive as well. Yes, you will find the writing lively and simple to follow which is the plus point of learning from this website.

Some of the good users carry out their task at Opera browser developed maintained this free and complete resource introducing the basic of website design and website standard.

Opera Web Standard Curriculum
Source: Dev.opera

19. Rails for Zombies

If you wish to learn to develop the website, you must be learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Yet, if it is an application you desire to develop, you might be better off beginning with website application framework like Ruby on Rails.

This is usually considered a taller order compared to learning the website markup but to make it simpler and enjoyable, Rails for Zombies comes to help.

Rails for Zombies
Source: railsforzombies

20.  Sitepoint

An education web Sitepoint is specially built for professional web designer and developers. Here, the video course is separated into HTML and CSS, JavaScript, design and UX mobile and more.

Besides, you can find various introductory courses in the library which are ideal for beginners to master well-admired website tools and techniques. For listing some of them, it is worth to mention Photoshop, WordPress, Joomla, Foundation, Bootstrap and more.

Also, you can find the courses for learners with the intermediary level of expertise. They help you in gaining some extent of skills using CSS3 selectors. Advanced WordPress features, SASS and more.

Courses Offered:

  • Wrapping your head around Python
  • JavaScript
  • React the ES6 way
  • Ruby 2.0
  • Modernizr
  • Introduction to swift
  • Introduction to JavaScript and more
Source: sitepoint.com

21. Smashing Magazine

The training website Smashing Magazine is neither a school nor a magazine but it provides healthy information to both newbie and experienced web designers who are willing to go along with the latest web design trends.

The website facilitates you with magnificent tutorials on every aspect of the process. The courses are based on the intermediate to advance of the website design continuum.

Courses Offered:

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Web design
  • Responsive Typography
  • Design patterns and more
Smashing magazine
Source: Smashingmagazine

22.  Stackoverflow

Stackoverflow is not only a great platform to learn website design courses, but also the precious source for anyone willing to learn any language.

 You can simply go to it’s a question and answer forum where some of the expert heads in the website design community spend their free time to assist the learners who are just stuck at some point.

Source: Stackoverflow

23.  Stack skills

StackSkills is the perfect resource with top courses related to website design. The website covers different categories based on the target subject, especially website development, WordPress web development and design. The other categories are made of Photoshop tutorials through different aspects like colour management, typography, PSD to HTML and more.

In the category of website development, you can find the courses on jQuery, JavaScript,    development of the mobile-friendly website and more. Also, the category of WordPress web development provides the courses on WordPress theme design, backup, security, online selling with WooCommerce, membership website development and other problems as well.

Courses Offered:

  • Complete Web Design Course
  • Complete iOS 10 developer course
  • Learn Java from Scratch
  • Ionic: From Web to Mobile
  • Complete WAMP and MYSQL courses
  • SQL for marketers
  • Ultimate SQL Bootcamp
Source: Stackskills

24.  Startup Hub

Startup Hub is intended for the learners who do not have any idea on how to start design. Presently, the resource id separated into two sections, namely Startup Basics and WordPress Startup.

In the previous section, you find the information regarding picking the right CMS using handy themes, making the mobile-friendly website, developing e-store and more. The end section focuses only on WordPress web development mostly the development of WP website, selection of WordPress theme, installation, customisation, security and much more.

The website facilitates the learners with free live chat and help from experts. If you are looking for the course to learn design from the beginning then, Startup hub is for you.

 Courses Offered:

  • WordPress Startup
  • Joomla Startup
  • PrestaShop Startup
Source: Stackoverflow
Startup hub
Source: Templatemonster

25. Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse provides continuously updated the library of courses that highlights website design fundamentals like branding, colouring, typography, CSS, HTML and more. The track-based structure in the website makes it more convenient resources. Here, the website design track covers 114 courses for 51 hours.

Also, to test the given knowledge, you are allowed to practice live through of quizzes and code challenges. You can gain points for new skills and badges for accomplishing the complete phases.

 Courses Offered:

  • How to make a website
  • CSS Basics
  • CSS Selectors
  • HTML Forms
  • HTML Tables
  • CSS Layout Basics
  • Responsive Layouts
  • CSS Flexbox Layouts
  • Design Foundations
  • Photoshop Foundations
  • Adobe Illustrator
Team Treehouse
Source: Templatemonster

26.  Tuts+

 Web design training site Tuts+ comes up with more than twenty thousand free tutorials which are perfect to step towards the world of design and coding. When you get ready to start learning website design, you can choose the paid plans too.

Courses Offered:

  • Design and Illustration
  • Code
  • Web Design
  • Photo and Videos
  • Business
  • Music and Audio and more
Source: Tutsplus

27.  Udacity

 Are you willing to learn how to develop simple web browser in just a week or develop search engine like Google?

 If yes, you can do it with Udacity. The website allows carrying out both with free training from the expert lecturer from Stanford and the University of Virginia.

For the learners who have interest, courses are not provided on demand. Rather, they can explore the website for a class schedule and get involved accordingly.

Courses Offered:

  • Android
  • Data Science
  • Georgia Tech Masters in CS
  • iOS
  • Non-Tech
  • Software Engineering
  • Web Development
Source: Udacity

28.  Udemy

 Udemy holds a large online learning platform for both free courses as well as paid. Here, you can find the courses on demand for learning on your own timetable and using any device you hold.

Also, you are allowed to sort out them according to skill level, features, popularity, rating and the new status. Talking about free options, you will find more than 40 courses in the design category. There you will learn to develop various kinds of web resources like the blog, membership, game and academic website.

Courses offered:

  • WordPress theme development with Bootstrap
  • Master web design in Photoshop
  • WordPress for beginners- Master WordPress design quickly
  • WordPress security- How to stop hackers
  • Running a web design business
  • WordPress 2015
  • Creating Responsive web design
  • Make a website with no coding and more
Source: Udemy

29.  W3Schools

Looking at different colourful web training website you might feel W3Schools flat at the first look. But, you will be used to it after exploring it for some instance.

W3Schools is initiated for learning, training, and testing. If you want to start with the basic lessons in HTML and CSS, the website provides a steady progression of the interactive tutorial. And, the tutorials outline everything in plain and easy language.

The site also allows you play with markup and you can view the consequence of tiniest updates on the web page. Also, it supports the amateur web designers who in trouble to start HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It offers a user-friendly, simple and free way to learn web design.

Courses Offered:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • AppML
  • JSON
  • SVG
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • ASP and more
W3 schools
Source: W3schools

Wrapping Up,

These are some top online resources that can come to your help for web design training. If you know more resources, please let me know providing the answer in the comment box below. Also, learn more about DHTML and its pros & cons.