WordPress Website Design Sydney

WordPress Website Design Sydney

We develop WordPress websites.
And that’s all we do…

24,960 Hours of Experience, and Counting

We’ve been developing WordPress websites for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for over 12 years. And there’s over 20 of us. So if you want the benefit of all that experience, give us a call.

Your Idea, Designed & Build from Scratch.

If you need a WordPress Website Design followed by WordPress Website Development, that’s our favourite thing to do. We’ll turn your ideas into an online, lead generating reality.

Your Design, Perfectly Built

If you already have the design, and just need help bringing it to life then you’re in luck. WordPress Website Development is our second most favourite thing to do.

Delightful Interface & User Experience

Your prospects will find the website simple and intuitive, quick to react and a pleasure to navigate. UI & UX expertise is baked into all of our WordPress Website Developers. Turning prospects into customers, as quickly as possible.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Because let’s face it, you’re probably reading this on your phone right now. But seriously, if you’re using a WordPress Website Developer and they’re not talking about reactive design, walk away.

Relevant Functionality Ensured

Whatever you want your WordPress website to do, there’s an app or a plug-in to help. We’ll make sure it all works seamlessly with your CRM, and ensure you’re up to date on a permanent basis.

In case you haven’t guessed it by now, we live and breathe WordPress Website Design Sydney and WordPress Website Development. So if you need a hand from a team of experts, who’ve put in well more than their 10,000 hours, who you can pick up the phone and talk to right now. A team of WordPress Website Developers here in Sydney, then please get in touch.

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Trusted by Australia’s leading brands…

What’s the deal with WordPress websites? Why build a WordPress Website?

Incredibly easy to use

Anyone can update a WordPress Website. That’s the way it was created. WordPress Website Developer or not, it’s easy once you know how.

Highly safe & secure

WordPress websites are also highly secure, especially compared to the alternatives. You’re notified of security updates and plug-ins can heighten security even more – even the FBI has a WordPress website.

Flexible and adaptable

You can easily add pages, change content and even the structure of your WordPress website. You can also add functionality, like online payments, or even turn it into an e-commerce site if you like.

Amazing at SEO

WordPress websites are known as the best for Search Engine Optimisation, so you can rise up the ranks and get customers organically. Even beginners can create keyword-rich meta-tags, XML sitemaps and more technical functions like redirections.

Affordable to build & maintain

Because WordPress is an open-sourced software platform, millions of people all over the world use it for free. This lowers the cost of building and maintaining a WordPress Website.

Can be updated by anyone, anywhere

The other benefit of open-sourced software is that a WordPress website can be updated by anyone, anywhere. It’s like having a Toyota in the Australian outback. Pull into any old garage, they’ll be able to fix it for you.

Our WordPress web development process

Our first step in designing your website is to get to know your business. We kick off the process with a workshop where we map out your business objectives, target audience and key value proposition. We then draw up wireframes of the pages you require to get the right information to the right people in a compelling and sophisticated way.

At the end of this planning stage you will have a sitemap, customer journey map and rough sketches of all your key webpages.

Once we have devised the architecture of your WordPress website, we then draw up professional wireframes of all your webpages. This is critical to showing you the exact layout of your website before we move onto designing the look and feel of your site.

You will have the opportunity to revise the wireframes at this stage, including up to two rounds of revisions. At the end of this stage, you will be able to visualise the layout of your new website and move onto the UI design phase, where we bring to life your site with colour and imagery. If you are still working on your web content, we will add placeholders (dummy text) which will be replaced at a later stage.

Once the wireframes are ready, we will prepare a web style guide that outlines parameters for colour, graphics and other design elements to ensure that all designers and developers maintain consistency when representing your brand online.

During this stage, you will receive the actual design of your website with colour and images. You will have the opportunity to make up to two rounds of changes in a static environment on your desktop.

The next step in our process is to document in detail how each component of your design will pan out once the final website is live online. We will specify how all elements will be built during the development phase and which elements can be altered in the future through the backend system. This documentation will also act as a reference for developers to code the website so that the final website perfectly supports your business needs.

The next step is to start building your website using leading technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. Once we test the static layouts, we then integrate the new designs with the latest version of WordPress CMS and populate the content. During this stage we can provide you with a staging server link to view the progress of your website in real-time.

When the website is ready we will mirror the site in a development environment. Our team then tests the site across multiple browsers (latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge) and devices (iPhone and Android).

Once the website is ready for your review, we will send you a staging server link for final review. Generally, we provide two feedback rounds either on Trello or Google Sheet during the final testing phase. Rest assured, any errors that arise through this testing period will be fixed prior to launch.

Once your website is tested and ready to go live, we will set up redirection of your current URL to your new URL (if applicable) to retain your SEO value. We will also optimise your website for SEO, page speed and security.

Once we have completed our internal checklist for ‘go live’, we will upload the website on the live server. As part of our website handover process, we will provide a manual to help guide you in updating and maintaining your website moving forward.

WordPress developer Sydney

Sydney’s Most Recommended WordPress Agency

Nirmal, Saba and all the team – you really did deliver on your promise, we made the right choice with Nirmal Web Studio. Thank you for your excellent service, great support, ease of communication and most of all delivering an outstanding website!

Kerrianne Davoodi
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Kerrianne Davoodi
Marketing & Communications Manager - Mesh Direct

Nirmal and Saba have been very patient creating our website. The end result turned out really great. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Dr Warwick Nettle
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Dr Warwick Nettle
Plastic Surgeon - Silkwood Medical

Our approach to WordPress websites has been honed, and perfected over the years.

WordPress Website Design

WordPress Website Design

Planning & Design - First, we get to know your business and map out your objectives, target audience and value propositions. Then we’ll develop a site map, determine the customer journey and draw initial sketches of your WordPress website. Next, we’ll develop wireframes, before moving onto UI design and layout of every page in your WordPress Website. Once approved, it’s over to our WordPress Website Developers.

WordPress Website Development

WordPress Website Development

Stories, Coding & Development - User stories are how we brief the WordPress Website Developers on your project, and it’s how we ensure your future customers are front and centre in the process. Now, our WordPress developers build your site with leading edge technologies such HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. You can watch all of this in real-time, if you like, and finally, we populate the content.

WordPress Website Review

WordPress Website Review

Quality Control & Handover - Once all is approved, we’ll mirror your WordPress Website in a web development environment, before testing across a range of browsers and devices. At last your site is ready, we’ll optimise for speed, security and SEO, and if you have an existing site we’ll redirect the URL to so you hang onto your SEO value. After a final check, the site is uploaded to the server - and now the entire world can visit your website!

WordPress Website Design
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do. First of all, we’ll discuss your needs, perform an initial assessment of your WordPress website, and then develop a tailored plan accordingly. Our WordPress Website Maintenance Plans start from $295 a month for a brochure website. 

If you need ongoing priority support to help grow your WordPress website, and your business, we’ll provide you with a dedicated development team including a front & backend developer, a Quality Assurance engineer and project manager. Anything you need to do, they’ll be able to take care of it quickly, and effectively. 

WordPress website templates are pretty cost effective, however you’re buying an off-the-shelf design, created for another business, and trying to squeeze your own business into it. If you’re lucky, it will fit – but even then you’re not really differentiating yourself very effectively – with a ‘suit’ that anyone else can buy.  

custom-designed WordPress website, on the other hand, has been built specifically for your business. It accommodates everything you need and it’s also unique. None of your competitors will have a website like yours, giving you an edge straight away. It does a cost a bit more, but then again, it’s an investment in your business that will pay dividends.  

Of course. All our WordPress websites are responsive to desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. The user experience is seamless, and the websites beautiful, effective & efficient. 

Yes you will. WordPress is easy to use, when you know how, and we’ll hold your hand to begin with. Ensuring you know how to update blogs, videos & images, change the content on pages, whatever you need. Over 40% of all websites on the internet are WordPress websites, and that’s only happened because it’s easily accessible to all.  

The average time for a custom-designed, brochure WordPress website is 6-8 weeks.  
Your site may be shorter, or longer, depending on the size and the amount of complexity involved. We’re always realistic with our timings, so when we tell you how long it’s going to take – that’s pretty much it. 

It’s variable, as you can imagine, however, to give you an idea our pricing for a custom-built, professional WordPress website design starts at $7000. Obviously, it’s going to depend on the number of pages and templates required, along with the variety of features you need to operate effectively. 

We’ll provide 30 days of support to make sure any bugs have been ironed out, and just to make sure you’re comfortable with your new site. After that, you can subscribe to one of our WordPress Website Maintenance Plans for continued maintenance & support. We’ll back the site up regularly, perform security checks and update the website software & plug-ins as often is required, to ensure it’s operating at peak performance. 

Just call us straight away. We’ll fix it, or get onto your hosting company to fix it. All of this is included in our WordPress Website Maintenance Plans, and we’ll also provide video tutorials or manual once your WordPress website is launched, so many of your queries will be answered there. 

Because we hold ourselves to a higher standard than any other WordPress Website Design company. Well, that we know of anyway – and our clients seem to agree. 

We’ve been building WordPress websites since 2012, we’re extremely good at what we do, and we’ll even guarantee the timely delivery of your project. Often an issue with other WordPress website design companies, we’ve been told. 

We’re a boutique, WordPress Website Design company specialising in custom WordPress development – so if you’re looking for someone to build a quick website from an off-the-shelf theme, we’re not what you’re looking forWe’d rather build a long-term relationship and help your business grow over the years 

Everything we do is underlined by our values. We approach our work with integrity, looking after customers as we’d like to be treated ourselves. We focus on teamwork to get projects moving swiftly, and efficiently, and we’re always learning new skills and techniques, to the benefit of our clients. 

Maybe that’s why we’ve been entrusted with significant projects by organisations including The University of Technology Sydney, Fastway Couriers, Western Sydney University, The Canterbury-Bankstown Council, Transport for NSW, The Star, North Sydney Council and several other large brands over the years. 

We work with small, medium and large organisations. Anyone who wants a WordPress website designed and built well, properlyand on time. 

You can host it virtually anywhere, however, we’d recommend using a hosting company that specialises in WordPress websites. WP Engine, for example, is known for security, speed and ease of use – and for those reasons, it’s one of the best WordPress website hosting companies in the world. We can help you get set up if you like. Just ask. 

Yes, we do. In fact, that’s all we do and have done for years. We use WordPress because it’s an open-source content management system (CMS) that anybody can work with, and it’s constantly being updated and improved by thousands of WordPress developers all over the world. Over 40% of the world’s websites are built on WordPress, even the FBI’s website is built on WordPress! 

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