Website Support & Maintenance Sydney

Website Support & Maintenance Sydney

Need Priority WordPress Support & Maintenance?

Routine Maintenance

We perform regular maintenance of your WordPress website, theme, and plugins to make sure that your website benefits fully from any updates and advancements in technology.

Performance and Security

We closely monitor and optimise your website to run smoothly without issues and protect your website from potential risks of hacking and going down.

Ad-hoc support

As your WordPress partner, we will assist you to make changes to your website to improve conversions, fix WordPress issues, optimise the website speed, improve user experience and so on.

Phone & email support

You will be assigned a dedicated WordPress expert and project manager so you can email or call for anything you need regarding your website during Sydney business hours.

No Lock-in Contracts

We offer our WordPress Support and Maintenance Plans on a month-to-month basis without any contract, as we believe in providing the best value for your investment.

Monthly Reporting

You will receive monthly professional reports about your website updates, performance, speed, security, and other key features so you can track progress and be on top of everything.

WordPress Website Maintenance Sydney

Our WordPress website maintenance plans are designed to help you with the technical aspects of the site. You will have direct support from our Sydney-based website experts team instead of going through a call centre and ticket creation process. Regular maintenance and monitoring can be time-consuming for business owners and our services can directly help you save time, effort and resources.

Our professional expertise, cost-effective maintenance solutions and time-saving benefits can help you find peace of mind as we ensure site stability and security. Our website maintenance plans generally include; themes & plugins update, regular security checks, performance optimisation, regular backups, fixing technical errors, spam filtering and more.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Send us a message to discuss how we can help you maintain & support your AU website.

WordPress Maintenance Services in Sydney
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What’s included in WordPress Support and Maintenance Sydney?

Spend less time on the technical parts of your website, and more on your marketing and other priorities. Reach out to our Website Support experts today.

Monthly updates

We perform monthly updates of the WordPress core, themes, and plugins of your website to make sure the website is up-to-date and running smoothly without any issues.

Priority Support

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager for ongoing support. And you will have access to priority phone and email support during Sydney business hours.

Security Monitor

We do security checks and monitor performance from time to time to make sure your WordPress website is fully secured and running smoothly. We use industry-leading security tools to monitor and scan your site.


We back up your website regularly and store it for 30 days so you can restore the website if something goes wrong for some reason. And we are always there to help you in those difficult situations.

Fix errors

We do regular spam filtering and database cleansing to make sure the website is clean and healthy. And also, optimise the database and fix 404 errors and broken links.

Ad-hoc support

We work with you and your marketing team to provide ad-hoc support, make changes and website speed optimisation, conversion, and performance and resolve any technical issues.

Your website is valuable to your business. It must work well and be maintained to attract new customers. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you to run your WordPress website smoothly and increase your conversions.

How does Website Maintenance Plan work?

Get in touch

Get in touch

We would like to keep the process simple and easy so you can get support without any delay when you are in need. You can simply give us a call or email us. One of our web developers will take a look and give you a call to discuss the next steps. If you are having any issues on the website, you can also send us the WordPress admin login details or Web hosting login details to further investigate the issue. That will make the process quicker and we can come up with solutions quickly.

Discuss the plan

Discuss the plan

Once we have a clear idea about your website and the backend system, we will come up with the right website maintenance and support plan for you. You can give us more ideas about other issues during this stage so we can set the priorities for you. For example, if you have issues with the website speed, performance, security, check out etc., let our developers know beforehand. Either we can address those issues on our maintenance plan or offer you a separate estimate if that's super urgent for you.

Get Started

Get Started

Once we all agree on the pricing and the process, we will plan out the routine maintenance on a monthly basis. We don't recommend making any changes or working on the live website. So, we will back up your current website and create a staging server on our end. And then start fixing issues or updating the plugins & themes. Once everything is resolved, tested and signed off by you, we will push the changes to the live server. And our QA engineers will do the final testing on the live site to make sure everything is working fine.

Dedicated Website Support Sydney

Looking for someone to take care of the technical aspects of your website? Do not worry, we provide a dedicated Senior Website Support Specialist along with our developers, designers and QA Engineers with our website support Sydney services.

With our dedicated WordPress support plans, we can monitor your website, perform regular core file updates, add new features, help execute technical fixes, and ensure the functionalities and the overall website is working properly. This also makes sure that the website is secured from future attacks. You can customise the plan with the specific services that you require to keep your website aligned with your business objectives.

We offer flexible support time options starting from 5 hours per month so that we exactly match your requirements helping us complete the work in a timely and professional manner with exceptional customer service.

Website Support Services

Website Security Support

Need to perform website maintenance but don’t have the time & resources? Let us help you with our services.

If you have not taken strict measures to enhance the security of your websites, you might be vulnerable to security attacks. It’s more important than ever to have a secure website from all perspectives. If your site is insecure, your visitors won’t trust you and on the other hand, your website might also get attacked which can do a lot of damage in terms of your resources, time and money.

Our website support services are centred around protecting your website from all sorts of website security threats and vulnerabilities. At Nirmal Web Studio, we are experts in managing & mitigating website security threats. We can help you make your website secure & free from attacks while you can focus on your core business.

Website Security Measures

Technical Website Fixes

Technical website fixes are a necessity for a number of reasons and you can not overlook it. We perform technical website fixes to ensure that the website is running optimally while also providing the best possible user experience. This mostly includes testing and fixing website speed, URL & link issues, caching web pages, hosting provider review and addressing security concerns.

Apart from those, technical fixes play a huge role in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and online marketing as a whole. These fixes are the foundational blocks for any website to ensure the search engines index, crawl and understand the topical relevancy of the new website. Setting up the site correctly and improving users’ experience can directly affect the performance of your website in terms of both website visitors and search engines. Looking for SEO experts? Contact our Melbourne SEO Agency today.


Technical fixes for websites

Why do you need Website Maintenance?

We specialise in WordPress websites with over 10 years of expertise in website development, maintenance and support for businesses of all sizes. Website maintenance is certainly crucial but not an easy task and it needs to be done anyway.

You may need website maintenance services if your website:

  • Does not load fast enough.
  • Visitors struggle to complete a website goal like making a purchase.
  • Has not been updated for months.
  • Has plenty of broken links or URL issues.
  • Has bugs or errors.
  • Is infected by malware or spam.

Still don’t find a reason or confused? Leave us a message and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Website Care Services

Website Performance Optimisation

One important part of WordPress maintenance and support services is website performance optimisation. Our performance optimisation services are designed for your site to live up to the expectations of the users. It includes speed optimisation by using plugins and reducing overall site size, improving user experience and helping users to complete site actions.

It’s clear that users do not like slow websites and also the ones that are difficult to use. The standard loading time for a web page is around 3 seconds and if you do not keep your website speed below it, most users will simply not wait until your site loads. We implement best practices and current industry trends to ensure that your website serves its purpose for the users and your business needs.

WordPress Website Performance Optimisation
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