Nowadays, having a strong and last company identity is fundamental. you have to make sure that it stands out from the pack and that you distinguish yourself from others. The root of all company identity is the logo. Designing a logo takes a lot of creativity and thought. You have to make sure that you find the right combination of ideas, colours, fonts, icons and values. Finding the right formula isn’t an easy task.

There are two ways of getting a logo designed. You can either contact a professional designer or design your logo yourself with an online logo design site. Contacting a professional allows you to create a custom logo with infinite possibilities. On the downside hiring, a graphic artist is very pricey. If you are only starting up your company and you do not have a big budget, then designing your logo online is much more affordable.

Here we have highlighted fundamentals to create beautiful logos for your business.

Logo Design Fundamentals

Logo templates and design tools

Once you have entered your company information you will be able to choose from a selection of inspiring logo templates, these templates give you a base for you to work with which is already pretty well designed. Using the online tools, you will be able to customise your logo and add a personal touch to it. The online tools should include colour modifications, fonts and style adjustments, effects and scaling/ modelling of the all basic shapes. The online tools should be intuitive and easy to pick up.

company logo design


The right choice of fonts is crucial. Your fonts must be easily readable from a distance and from close up. This is why choosing bolder fonts rather than thin, calligraphic font is recommended. Most online logo design sites will suggest you clean, stylish fonts for your logo. In most cases, the fonts are preset and adjusted to your logo template in order for the layout to blend perfectly together. Nonetheless, you should be able to select a different font in the editing section. Adapting font colours, style and effects are very important.

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On most of these online logo design sites, you will be able to use logo icons for your layouts. Most sites filter their icons by industry and adapt the design in order to fit the domain where they belong. These elements are also customizable in the editing section where you will be able to scale, transform, change colours and adapt forms.

 logo design icons

File formats

A good online logo design sites should provide you with downloaded high definition logo files. These files should come with flat and transparent backgrounds so that you can exploit your logo freely on any support. The downloadable files should also include a vector format which is most commonly used in the printing industry. This format (EPS, PDF vector format) allows you to scale your logo for a larger banner or sign without losing any graphical quality.

3 Best Online Logo Makers

Online Logo Maker


As the name suggest, this handy little tool can help you get a beautiful logo within 10 minutes of scope time. It gives you the option of unlimited downloads with vector SVG and transparent background. It’s a freemium tool and has the best potential with premium pack. With the premium pack, you can get logo up to 2000 px, whereas free version gives you the option of just 300 px.

Logo Maker


This is easy to digest logo making tool. You don’t have to go through the hassle of signing up at first. You are directly sent to an interface where you can work on. Search for the graphics you are looking for, and start making the edits. Your output will be in PNG format but for vector format, you have to go through few of its form. You can always have the professional designer of Logo Maker to do your custom work.

Design Mantic


Design Mantic is another sleek tool for creating beautiful free logos. Just enter your company name and industry. It will put out a collection of all industry related logos that you will fall in love instantly.

Logo design is becoming very popular and attracting business entrepreneurs from around the world. Online logo design tools don’t help you with important aspects which need to be taken into consideration before you start designing. Understanding your industry and analysing the market is essential. Before you get started it is imperative that you conduct a research on your competitor’s logos and see what the latest logo trends are.