Nirmal Gyanwali, the founder of a Sydney-based web design agency Nirmal Web Studio, shared with us on how being Nepalese influences his business philosophy. While it may sound more spiritual than business-sounding, it makes much sense. Interestingly, this philosophy is universal and quite a simple concept.

It is common knowledge that most people prefer dealing with honest and ethical businesses. Customers favour kind and attentive service providers with overall positive attitude. Moreover, stakeholders appreciate businesses with clear vision and mission.

In a nutshell, Nepalese culture focuses on humility and doing good to others or —in business— stakeholders. The ultimate premise is “doing good service equals to good karma,” which is translatable into practical business mindsets and strategies.

Be good, do good to others

You probably have heard that what goes around comes around and that likes to attract likes. As a business, when you provide excellent services and sell high-quality products, which are far beyond customers’ expectation, you are going the extra mile.

In Nepalese philosophy, when you are doing good to others, you receive good karma. Moreover, when you are doing far beyond than expected, you will receive good karma in multiple. Apply this in business well, and you can expect to receive “good karma,” such as repeat orders and increased revenues.

In the retail industry, for instance, Nordstrom is renowned for its excellent, extraordinary, and one-of-a-kind customer service. They provide out-of-the-box solutions to customer problems, which are highly praised and result in long-term evangelists and brand fanatics. It is evident how important it is going the extra mile in customer service and “doing good” for the stakeholders.

Have a purpose

Live with a purpose. Do business with a purpose. Many spiritualists, religious leaders, and motivational speakers spread this infectious idea: living with a purpose. By doing it, you can expect to live a full and meaningful life.

Translate this into doing business; your business should have a clear mission on what it is going to accomplish in terms of adding value for the greater good. Nirmal Web Studio, for instance, has a purpose of helping small businesses in the neighbourhood to succeed so that the local economy would flourish. It is a clear purpose noble purpose that is in alignment with the premise of “doing good is good karma.”

Have a positive mental attitude

You can have the greatest purpose and do the best thing for others, but without a positive mental attitude, those may not matter much. Having a positive mental attitude is the way of conveying your good intention and performing good deeds when dealing with the public. Internally, positive mental attitude is key to a positive company culture, where productivity and creativity have room to grow optimally.

When doing business, how your front-end employees present themselves to the world and the stakeholders would affect your bottom line. Those who deal with customers in person or by phone or email should internalize a positive mental attitude, as they are the company ambassadors. A positive portrayal of the business would foster a favourable long-term relationship with customers and the public.

Help those around you, starting with those close to you

Help your neighbours. Help them grow their businesses with your excellent services. It is a powerful and simple business strategy that is also practical and workable. It is practical because when people do business with their neighbours, they usually already have some knowledge about them and are eager to grow the local economy. The buck does not go anywhere.

When your local economy grows, your environment also benefits. This may result in cultivating more businesses and expanding the economy even further. It is a great circle of growth, which may grow even larger. Good karma does go around and come around.

Help others grow to be their better version

When you help others to be their better selves, you are doing more than a favour. You are cultivating a lifetime favourable relationship. Helping a small business grow into a medium-sized business with your services is almost like having a guarantee of a repeat customer who is also your brand evangelist.

Nirmal Gyanwali
Nirmal Gyanwali

Nirmal Gyanwali believes that by helping neighbourhood SMEs, they can grow together. In Sydney, for instance, the startup scene is booming, which is crucial for the local economy. He also mentioned that working with small businesses is also much simpler because most of them do not have long chains of the decision-making process, so they can adopt new technology faster and grow speedily.

Last but not least, doing good things with positive mental attitude and a good purpose is the best way to live and do business. It only takes simple good deeds, to be honest, frank, and accountable, which can result in positive long-term results.