When it comes to website design Sydney services, there are two things involved – User Experience (UX) Strategy and User Interface (UI) Design.

UX and UI Design

We are not UX/UI strategists. Though we have a good understanding of user experience and user interface designs, we don’t have the in-depth expertise to help you build a strategy like conversion rate optimisation. However, if you have a clear content plan and you can provide us with a wireframe and structure with clear instructions, we have an in-house web designer who can create website pages based on your branding and requirements.

If you are looking for a website design specialist for your business website, it’s essential to know the key differences between UX and UI roles and what to look for for your new website or website redesign.

UX strategists help you define the online customer journey from defining the target audience to user flows to drive the results you are looking for. That could be generating new leads, acquiring new customers, increasing online sales, and improving your portal’s user experience or eCommerce websites. UX designer starts with the strategic plan, performs user research to gather data to solve the problem efficiently, and builds the information architecture (IA) that drives the results.

The final output you can expect from the UX designer is a sitemap, wireframes, prototypes, information architecture, and a clear funnel that helps you achieve your business goals.

On the other hand, UX design is about turning the prototype and architecture created by the UI designer into a final product with your branding, typography, images and visual design elements. UI designer makes the prototype more usable, aesthetically appealing and optimised for smart devices. UX designers perform design research, develop the latest trends, and create a visual design with colours, logos, menus, and images to build your brand identity and positioning.

Web Design Sydney

If you are looking for a creative website designer in Sydney, you will find some local designers who specialise primarily in UX strategy and branding, and some web designers only specialise in User Interface design and custom web design. At Nirmal Web Studio, we only offer UI design and visual website design services.

If that’s still confusing for you, please feel free to reach out to one of our Sydney website design experts to discuss your needs. We will very happy to help!