Blogging is wonderful. It helps you connect with the world. And. in the mean time earn some extra cash. We don’t have the actual figures. But in 2013, it was stated that there are approximately 153 million blogs. The numbers just keep piling up. Whether you want to fill in your hobby, or you are doing it for income, blogging opens up all sort of opportunity.

Starting a blog is relatively easy. You can either work on self-hosted programs like blogger, Weebly or go with your own system. Pick a domain, choose a hosting, design your site, and you are good to go.

Now designing a blog sounds too big for a term. But, with solutions like WordPress, the work becomes a breeze. Firstly it’s super easy editing options and blog management features makes it way more preferred blogging platform. Moreover, pliable functionalities with the suitable themes and add-on plugins will take your blog to the another level of excellence. Blog WordPress themes allow you to enhance your site’s character & give a smooth experience to your users. Below we have handpicked few of the best WordPress blog themes available in the market today to chose from, for your personal or creative blogs.

1. MyBlog


If you think you have serious content and want something equally serious for your serious readers the MyBlog is probably your best bet. The theme is very beautiful and fairly modern and has everything that you will ever need to elevate your website and build a massive brand while at it. Certainly the best themes for blogs, it can be also used as one of the most promising Business Themes for setting up a professional WordPress website too.

With two sliders and 10 powerful free widgets, MyBlog is one of the great themes out there in the market.

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2. ClickRight


Increase the Ad revenue from your website while the website’s awesome features and bundled features allow you to enhance the reading experience for your users and keep them immersed in your content for hours at a stretch. With integrated social media and many features, ClickRight is built to increase your ad revenue. This is one of my personal favourite themes. I have my own business blog – Government house uses the same theme.

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3. WP-Critique


A bold and stylish WordPress AdSense Optimised theme designed specifically for product review websites. The theme besides providing a platform to publish product reviews as a hobby or as a part of business also is versatile enough to handle business blog, website or online magazine.

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4. Cool


An uber cool theme with plenty of design and functional embellishments that gives your content that bold vibe and eye-catchy attribute. The plug-and-play solution further eases the process of website creation and makes for an impressive layout that is also perfect for monetization.

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5. Foundly


Foundly boasts of being the all-in-one search engine and AdSense optimised theme that is surely going to help you leave a lasting impression on your one time visitors and then keep them intrigued enough to keep coming back for more.

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6. Wimple Pro


Besides being great at ad optimisation, one of the many key features that sets this theme apart from the rest is its lightning-fast loading speed which eventually translates into much better user satisfaction. On top of all that the theme comes with various colour and design options that let you test the appearance of the website according to the taste of your visitors.

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7. Interactive


We all have to agree that any business or person interested in enhancing their online presence has to think about monetization at some point, and that is exactly what Interactive is best at. The theme besides allowing you to optimise your website for monetization also manages to remain super fast to load and super pleasing to look at.

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8. FlyMag Pro


An excellent theme for creative agencies with a stunning and responsive design that looks equally pleasing and crisp on every device, ranging right from desktops to tablets and smartphones.

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9. NewsPaper


An online newspaper often has to post across multiple categories, multiple times a day without compromising on the quality and elegance of the website and that is exactly what NewsPaper has in store. The theme further enhances your content impact with the help of its trending and latest sort features, media rich features and multiple post layouts.

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10. Magazine


A stylish frame speaks volumes about the publisher, and that is not the only thing Magazine brings to the table. The theme will put your content on front lines of online publishing, thanks to its high-gloss look and feel that is bound to give your content the attention it truly deserves.

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11. MoneyFlow


MoneyFlow is a theme that promises to take care of all the monetization aspects under its cordon, so you can focus on content more and technical aspects less. You can further take advantage of advanced features and easy monetization options while impressing your visitors with a dynamic and appealing layout.

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12. Wise Mag


Wise Mag takes all the wisdom of website building and AdSense and integrates it seamlessly into your website, so you can make more money instantly. Although the theme is versatile enough to handle almost any type of website, it serves best bloggers and online entrepreneurs. You get access to features that allow you to customise your homepage, some that need a special mention include, five block layout styles, featured content, unlimited colours and fonts and above all the freedom to customise your blog/site dynamically.

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13. MH Magazine


You can present your content, images, and videos in the most attractive way with MH Magazine, a theme that was made to serve best magazines for fashion, travel, lifestyle, glamour or any other editorial website you can imagine.

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14. WooShop


A modern and stylish theme built for WordPress WooCommerce stores and that seems to be the strongest forte of the theme. Also, the theme is also AdSense optimised so that you can make more money through ads on your website as well.

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15. Coupon


If you are into coupon business or just a general business that keeps updated with the latest deals and offers then Coupon is just the right one. The theme will help you impress your customers and convert that into more sales with its highly professional and fully customizable layout.

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