How To Become A Top WordPress Developer?

How To Become A Top WordPress Developer?


These days WordPress has become one of the leading Content management System and there are lots of developers working in this platform. Everyone wants to be in to top, nobody wants to stay backward in their position. But to be expert in any field including WordPress is not that easy as it is going to take lot of time with lot of energy and determination.

Now the first question that arises in your mind is how to become a top WordPress developer and what are the benefits of becoming top WordPress developer.

Taking your question in mind, here are some of the benefits:

High demand

The demand for WordPress developer is very high and clients are ready to give good payment for the developers who are best in their field.

Select the project

When you become a top developer you can select project by yourself and you have right to say “No” to the project that you are not willing to do.

Capacity to outline the future

When you become a top  developer you will have capacity to outline the future of both WordPress and the network that is built around it.

How to become a top WordPress developer?

Make habit of reading

To become a professional wordpress developer you should know both theory and practical part of WordPress. At first you need to start reading from theory part. If you are unable to manage time for reading; you can make time-table and you need to fix the time accordingly. You should fix the time and make habit of learning it for two hours a day in the morning time or evening time. By fixing time you need to make habit of learning it regularly in the same time. If you have desire to learn then nothing can disturb you. You just need to focus on your goal. While learning it you also need to select topic and concentrate on a topic regularly. It is complex program so you need to concentrate a lot to learn and understand theory. If you are confused on some points you also can make proper notes on those points. Those notes will help you in the practical part.

Join WordPress Codex

To learn more about WordPress you can join WordPress Codex. It is a community which contains all material on WordPress with good technical information regarding interface and end-user perspective. This community will help you to initiate your learning from basic knowledge and then after proper knowledge of basics you can move forward to advance level.

Join WordPress University

You need to Join WordPress University as there are many good resources available. You may put some time and effort in using them. This will help you to become a top WordPress developer and when you start your education you also may get some challenges with masters and that can be different and more informative to your career.

Update with technology

To be a top WP developer you must have good knowledge on technology as well as programming languages that are linked with WordPress. It will be very helpful if you start to learn programming languages such as PHP/MYSQL beside your WordPress course.

Start your homework

In order to put up your learning into practice you need to start creating your own WordPress sites. You should utilize your theoretical and practical learning in its site by yourself. This will surely help you to expand your knowledge.

These are few areas to look at:

  • Ajax

You can start learning Ajax from basics to Ajax plug-in development. Ajax can be very useful if you get familiar with it. You can get different resources Ajax through internet.

  •  APIs

To start your Journey on learning WordPress will be good with WordPress APIS. You just need to look for related tutorial and read all the information regarding all APIS

  • PHP Classes

You can find many resources and tutorials of PHP online. You can also take online classes and programs organized by Professionals and get some basic project and start working on it.

Lastly, to be on the top you should focus on your goal and never stop learning. I hope this article will help you to be a top WP developer.If you are looking for a service in WordPress, please Contact us.