We are in the era of Technology. Everyone is close to technology and desires to perform everything in front of the internet. People use up most of their time researching on the internet regarding their venture. Talking about graphic and Web design, you have to follow the complete range of possibilities presented by the internet. That means you have to keep yourself modernised with the internet and design according to the most recent trend.

In the year 2014, the major graphic and web design trends were grid layouts, flat design, background videos and escalating potentialities of HTML5 APIs. Within this article, we will look for some of the most outstanding graphic and web design trends in 2015 and emerge in the future.

So what Are The Graphic And Web Design Trends In 2015 And Coming World?

Trend on Imagery: Massive background images

The massive background images are being used from 2015 because of the lead was taken by huge brands like Apple and Google Nexus. Many front-end developers are expecting more massive background images in the future. Images are used together with rich style and understated parallax effects.

In digital communications, photos on the stock still play the main part; whichever it is an e-commerce site, blog or portfolio. Many business proprietors utilise images to connect more with consumers and illustrate the message they are trying to convey.

  • Adds up more visual aesthetics
  • Provides message instantaneously
  • Visual Representation of contents
  • Provides information about site clearly
  • Attracts the users

Nirmal Web design

Web design Typography: Flexible style

A complete design and the usability of the websites are greatly affected by Typography.

Three main portions that involve the readability of type of web are:

  • Line Height
  • Column Width
  • Type size

According to the research, texts with larger sizes are beneficial to easier reading on the web. Designers already started to implement responsive design, including responsive images and structures in their designs. From the year 2015, styles that are flexible along with bold fonts and responsive typography has become most popular which gives better reading experience.

  • Easy to read and understand
  • Flexible layout
  • Text flows well
  • Managed within the context of responsive

Nirmal Web design

Today’s necessary: Development of Responsive Design

Responsive Web design includes an approach that recommends the design and development responding to the behaviour of user and environment based on the size of the screen, orientation and the platform. Since, the portable devices, such as laptops are widely used; the website must be designed that changes to the suitable resolution, a size of image and scripting capabilities. The web design should have the technology that corresponds automatically to the preferences of users. Through the Responsive website, users can be able to access to your site anywhere, anytime they desire, this will simply increase traffic of your site.

  • Better Usability
  • Display specific content
  • Multiple platforms for particular apps is not required
  • SEO benefits
  • Increase traffic

Responsive web design

Design Trend: Materialistic Design

The materialistic Design practice has achieved a very outstanding response in the global designing community. It is an innovative idea made-up by Google and it follows the guidelines provided by Google. These days many websites pursue material designing technique within their infrastructures which is both web portals and mobile platforms. Google also uses this design as it was initiated by them.

  • Fast and good appearance
  • Fit for portable device
  • Easy to use
  • Content focused
  • Quickly implemented by designers

Nirmal web design

Stylish Interface feature: Ghost button

Ghost button includes a trendy and smart interface featured mainly design to influence the notice of the user in a fine way. Ghost button contains a title such as “empty”, “naked”, “hollow’ button and is mostly viewed as a frame with the semi-transparent or transparent background. Through a smart hover animation, it is good to use and add a touch of elegance to any site.

  • Fresh and Modern Look
  • Simple to create for beginner designer as well
  • Versatility
  • Easy design which can be included into any layout

Ghost buttons icon

However, these are Graphics and Web Design Trends in 2015 and coming World. In order to make your website modernised, mobile-friendly with good usability follow these trends and put your website accordingly.

Are you willing to develop your website following the latest Trend? If yes, get in touch. We are here to help you based on the recent trend.

Source: Image by Nick Youngson