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Along with beautiful and attractive designs, websites should be built with latest web designing tools and technology. PSD refers to Photoshop design file that lets users work with individual layers of images even after saving the file. Multi-browser compatible code XHTML is used to design web pages. At the time, the website is released; the browser reads XHTML code within the page and shows the text surrounded by it, making web content and images obtainable to the user. It is also known as a cleaner version of HTML. Using XHTML rather than HTML makes the future conversion of website simple and easy.

We have years of experience providing our clients PSD to XHTML conversion services within Sydney. We are pleased to continue our work with XHTML projects. Our focus is to deliver the highest PSD to XHTML conversion quality in less time within your budget.

Why do you need PSD to XHTML Conversion?

In today’s competitive world, it is very important to have functional and user-friendly web design. PSD to XHTML plays an important role in effective website design. Our team will take your designs in PSD and slice it, optimise images, then hand code them into valid XHTML and deliver it to you Your PSD will come into existence after we work on XHTML. Your requirements may not be fulfilled with ready-made themes or templates. For creative PSD designs, it should be changed to uniformly interactive XHTML.

There are endless benefits of having your website in XHTML. The first one has to be less weight on a server. As Google has focused on sites with high speed, an XHTML coded website ensures your website speed isn’t compromised. A major difference between a dynamic website and website written in XHTML is that browsers where your site loads can only read XHTML. So, if your site will be compatible with multiple browsers. If you own a local business that doesn’t need to updated on a frequent basis, XHTML website is the best choice.

How our PSD to XHTML Services work:

In simpler terms, this is how our PSD to XHTML services works:

  1. You upload.
  2. We code.
  3. You download.
  4.  Extra step: We upload it to your server.

Basically, we extract your information as well as PSD or any other format like PNG, INDD, and AI. We then take it as it is, and hand code it to make it pixel perfect. We use w3c compliant markup, and clean jQuery to produce a perfect result.
We will make sure that your website runs smoothly and perfectly so that you can attract more customers to your website. If you want to convert your creative web page designs into dynamic XHTML, please get in touch with us. We would love to work with you and drive your business to success. We look forward to hearing about your business requirements.  

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