Web design is a wise investment and to update the website focusing on the current trend is wiser. In the lively web design industries, things do not always remain constant. Fresh and innovative ideas, tools and techniques are regularly introduced. Creative mind keeps the industry new and clean through the challenge custom and appearing with the modern and incredible styles and design. If you are a web designer or interested in web design, then you need to keep yourself updated with recent trends and technologies.

If you do not follow current trends and haven’t updated your website for a number of years, then you are falling behind your competitors who are always focused updating the website relevant the requirement of the targeted audiences. This will improve the customer experience of your site as well.

Every business proprietors and audiences desire for an attractive and influential web design. So it is time to redesign your online presence earlier than acquiring remarks that your presence site is out of date. The design of your online presence does not only provide the facelift to your online business but ultimately to your business as well.

Take a look at some top web design trends 2016

  1. No Departure from the Flat Design

Flat designs are around for a long time. Due to its compatibility with the additional web design trends like responsive design and material design. It also holds some of the amazing features like simplicity, clean and plainness.

This type of design also appears to precise the outline with an intellectual page structure together with mobile friendly and Google friendly design. It is one of the handy web design trends of 2016 which is attempting to look completely new in the upcoming days as we do not need to departure from the flat design.

Some of the additional trends in Flat design that we will find in 2016:

  • Long Shadows

Brings more intensity and strength to flat design

  • Vibrant Colour Schemes

Most well-admired User Interface (UI) and templates will start to use vibrant colour within the design.

  • Easy Typography

Easy typography will be helpful to make the text clear and readable in the flat design.

  • Ghost buttons

Ghost button makes your site more usable without distracting from UX and mostly represented as an outline, clickable links which will change as soon as users hover them.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the intelligence demonstrated by the technology or software proficient of intelligent performance. AI will provide a great impact on the manner web designer beliefs regarding the digital design.

Additionally, a design will become more clear and visible. Since more applications will begin to present together with the contextual information, Artificial intelligence can be very helpful for the accomplishment on that information.

  1. Pay More attention to interaction rather than layouts

Usually, Digital design will start to exist in design software like Photoshop. The visual appearance will be designed and the outline is determined in the early phase. This is the best way to observe and feel, the design, however, still relatively limiting while considering the way design appears and operates well, with lively contents and the way it will truly experience interacting within it. In the comeback to this, software agencies have started to develop web designing tools allowing for this like Adobe Comet and Sparkbox.

These types of fresh tools will let the web designer focus on interaction rather than layouts. This will be the latest way of developing the existing design document allowing designers some instance to consider about this instead of only being a postscript when the design gets ready.

  1. User-centric Web design

Websites are mostly designed to help users to explore more about the companies. The concept that web design needs to be guided as per consumer’s requirements sounds self-explanatory and is still now beginning to appear as a serious deliberation within the design procedure.

Additionally, user-centric web design will be handy to promote many designers together with the website proprietor to visualise the journey and desires of consumers as well as users via an online presence optimising the website for the smooth and effective journey.

  1. Animation

Today, most of the online presence is stuffed with different types of animations. They are mostly utilised to improve storytelling of websites, making the practice more interactive and enjoyable. Any type of animation either large-scale animation or the small-scale animation they are being utilised progressively to make the website approaching.

Since the moving images hold a capability to express more words compared to the motionless images. Additionally, they employ less bandwidth compared to that of videos. Consequently, web design trend 2016 includes the animation trends, keeping an interested audience pleased.

  1. Focus on the Typography

Typography is not only about creating a letter or fonts; it holds a capability to breathe life within the content of the text. Additionally, it also enhances the rest of the features within your online presence. This will definitely assist your business together with the brand stand ahead from other web design companies since this design is the most preferred design that emphasises exclusivity of your brand.

Consequently, focusing on the typography can be very helpful in uplifting the visual hierarchy of the web page. If you miss this trend you may miss out to acquire attention from your targeted audiences as well.

  1. Data Driven Design

From the year 2016, we will be able to observe the conversion from a prominence of design on aesthetics. Design includes personal and it can frequently become the outcome of the estimation. Large-scale organisations have already accessed to the business intelligence tools and technique acquiring the capability to determine and iterate design by metrics like click- through rates, adaptation, testing and much more.

Nevertheless, most of the small-scale organisation does not hold the same. Employing new emerging tools, we can initiate to observe this filter down making extra data driven design.

  1. Responsive web Design

Till date, Responsive web design has become more well-admired design due to the increase in the mobile internet users. Since, this type of web design presence comparatively simple and cost-effective array of companies to develop completely mobile-friendly online presence, it will not be eliminated from the web design trend of 2016. Nevertheless, responsive web design will appear with more updates.

To make your responsive design more efficient, you can follow these steps:

  • Do not use JavaScript and CSS image loading with the display: none tag as it downloads the image to the devices adding up unwanted weight to the page. This will slow down your site as well.
  • Make use of responsive images that are defined employing the percentages.
  • Employ conditional loading JavaScript since most of the JavaScript component utilised on the computer screen might not fit well on the portable and small devices.
  • Always focus using Responsive and Server Side (RESS)
  • Implement performance testing within the procedure for measuring and optimising all the sites effectively.

Furthermore, Responsive web designs have a great compatibility with minimalism and they can effortlessly redesign to fit well on the screen of all the devices. It is slowly taking the path of less of the trends focusing more on the best practices as most of the web designers have turned up with smart ways to come out of the speed problems.

  1. Illustration

While viewing more number of retina devices, upcoming in the marketplace, looking the old web on those devices can sometimes direct the images as pixilated or imprecise. One of the effective ways to get out of it is to utilise vector graphic image rather than traditional image format. Vector graphics hold the benefits of scaling any image size with no details or pixilated.

Earlier the fresh images were initiated which was known as SVG, truly a vector graphic arrangement. The interesting thing about the file is that illustrator utilising the software like Adobe Illustrator will simply export the vector graphic straight to the SVG file that can be shown on the internet.

  1. Keep on Scrolling

Do you scroll a lot? If yes, then you need to scroll more on the upcoming days as well. Alike Responsive web design specially designed for mobile audiences, there are many websites based on the formula where you need to scroll on, in order to search for your desired stuff. Together with storytelling as it appears with long scrolling of the online presence which can be interconnected as well. Once it was considered, keeping the content beyond was a useful way to move forward.

An online presence with a long scroll allows users to move towards the journey with more related storytelling functionalities. Almost every web designers are using this trend to shape and adapt the content to a particular model. This trend is mostly employed by an online presence that holds user generated content. This is all due to intuitiveness in its styles. Through interactive experiences, this subsequently enhances the UX. Furthermore, it also assists in making the web page faster which is essential for an online presence.

Closing Up,

Every business requires an online presence to demonstrate their business among the internet users within the globe. Developing a website does not only provide great achievement for your business, you need to update your website as well. These are the incredible Web design trend 2016, which will give your online presence different appearance. Alike other design, web design trends also arise with the instant of time.

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