Can you imagine your life without a mobile device? I guess most of your answer is No. Indeed, you feel incomplete without these devices as they give you good company to carry out your task easily.

Mobile Apps Development is very useful these days. But no application is away from challenges. And, we are going to discuss the most intriguing problems faced by app developers. But, first, let’s break down to why you need them.

Importance and Demand of Mobile Apps

Truly, mobile enterprise apps help users to interact with the business backend system in their desired time. Since these mobile apps are usually used to carry out the work instantly and effectively, they must be designed to focus on the users and usability.

If you are willing to develop a mobile app for your company, you have to update yourself with the recent trends.

Now, the Good news is that taking an entrance in the mobile app development will help to boost the users. With the advance in mobile users, better think about proceeding towards the mobile apps development approach.

Yet, developing a business strategy in mobile devices holds its own fair share of ebbs. There are lots of major challenges in mobile app development. In this article, we will be describing all those challenges.

Usage of mobile device is extremely increasing

Today, the mobile device has become the key devices for both personal and commercial use. The usage of these devices is highly increasing. They are definitely here to stay for a durable period.

Talking about the enterprise level mobile practice, by the dawn of 2018, it is expected to boost above 40%. Most of the businesses are spending hefty revenues on the mobility services. They are likely to do so for next few years. Company proprietors have also experienced the accomplishment of mobile technology and are confident that it will put up more features to grow their business.

Here, we go towards the major challenges in Mobile app development:

Creating apps that define value

According to a recent survey done by New York Times, over 80% apps fail to even get noticed. Why? Because they fail to add value to their app. With immense competition on the app market, it’s a challenge to stand tall among the crowd. There will only be few times when you can pull off an app like angry birds that goes viral. However, there are certain constraints that you should follow to achieve this feat. Before making an app, you should be able to answer few questions:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What’s the sole purpose of building the app?
  • What feature and functionality should the app have?
  • Is there a profitable market for the app?
  • Does it have a value proposition?

Integration Challenge


Today, mobile technology has updated the way we produce and consume the information and the way of integrating with one another. It also develops new opportunities in the industry, helping to carry out the business operation effectively.


Mobile integration has become very challenging. Integration of apps is one of the major problems faced by the most of the mobile apps service providers. Advancement in the traditional system to integrate them with the recent technological solution for different platforms is a task that devours most of the time and effort.

Various mobile solutions at the project level have apparently gone out of the time and financial place. Since integrating the current database arrangement and other system shown to become a huge task.

Non-uniform mobile policies challenge

Based on the Survey:

The recent survey on the mobile device policy recommends that either they are fewer in number or inadequate to carry out all the features.

Some mobile app developer like Android Developer, iOS app developer, and many others contain their own concept. Here, the mobile app development is carried out to meet up the client’s necessity. The growing popularity of mobile devices encourages the companies to focus on developing sufficient and suitable policies.

Conversely, the whole IT area is still in the procedures of offering powerful communication the business taking these precise challenges. However, there is definitely the light of hope at the end of this channel.

Challenge in the form of non-availability of mobile Analytics

Almost every web solution lets you measure the performance by using different types of analytical tool to explore the areas of improvement. However, Mobile apps developers offering the mobile solution experience it is really challenging to carry out something similar.

For example, if a mobile service provider looks for the more information regarding the app users, they look for the content users are exploring on the mobile device or apps difficult to find.

Although the setting is updating slowly, it is still challenging. Most of the business planning in this path and have already started investing in mobile analytics strategy. The analytics are able to provide a foundation for companies to choose the other course of procedures, development, and progress.

Conversely, this is the breaking changes are not expected to turn up instantly. Thus, mobile enterprise service provider and the business are expected to deal with this challenge for more periods.

Marketing the app

Building an app is just one step towards successful app development. Until and unless, it starts making some sort of profit, the app development process isn’t completed. You won’t believe how many developers don’t care about marketing. One of the biggest reason for app downfall is the inability to promote their app to relevant audience group. With competition peaking at the highest level and the pressure of the saturated market, it’s crucial to promote the app like crazy. In the bottom line, the focus should be 90% marketing and 10% development.

Wrapping Up

These are the major challenges in mobile app development that most of the enterprise mobile solution is expected to observe currently. There are high probabilities of additional unexpected challenges which they have to face more.

It will be fine if you share any challenges you are familiar with. Most of the mobile apps development businesses are well prepared with the advanced technologies along with an innovative strategy. These strategies probably overcome all the challenges when dealing with the application development.

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