According to research done by Scholars Mine University, it’s concluded that it takes about the 2-10th second to lay a foundation of a website. This is why an eye-catching design is a must for every online business.

A good design is useful as it puts up functionality to the online presence of company. Keeping your website on the internet improves your business potential for comprehensive exposure; nevertheless, the size of your business be large or small.

A well-illustrated design with high-quality large images gets high value in comparison to the one with diluted or no images.

Starting a new design does not only focus on a new interface, brand or website rather it also focuses on the way to solve an existing problem whether a problem can be old or new.

How can a design solve your business problem?

Sometimes what happens in the online world is even small things can solve biggest business problems. This is where a simple tweak in the design module, or changing the position of your form can do wonders with the conversion.

A design is something you can never underestimate while competing online.

Still, have doubts?

Let’s clear it out:

Addresses the requirement of diverse audience but always hit the target traffic

One of the great problems in many companies is that their website only aims one part at the outlay. Taking an example of a company who only targets their public customers though they also need to target supporting organisation, main stakeholders and partners for achieving continuous financial support and strategic expansion of the company. Within these circumstances, you carefully investigate and question to find out each and every various goal for the different customer then match these tangible results for the digital strategy. To improve this, the process mostly includes workflow to make sure that the innovative web design deals with the requirement of every user.

However, you also need to understand that diverse audience is as good as it is right traffic. If the traffic source you pull has a large amount of irrelevant traffic, it’s a waste of resources. This is where a great design work helps to build an aura among your target audience that makes them feel comfortable.

Solving problem on present site

Solving issues with a present website refer to the main concern of many clients. Mostly out-of-date sites or old version software has the massive impact on usability and negative effect on the brand within their customers. So you need to check carefully and identify the performance issues and check the strategies to solve the issues.

For example, if your client is having a great problem regarding the speed of a site, you can check the problem and provide a suggestion regarding the site software, hosting to improve speed and presentation which can be applied as a part of re-design process.

Figure out online revenue

Some of you may be from the nonprofit organisation and wish to expand your revenue to be less dependent on funding or sponsors and have more self-generated income from your website. Now here are some alternative solutions to generate income from your website to figure out revenue streams:

  • Online shop promoting learning resources or service packages
  • Promotion through content marketing
  • Automatic advertiser system for gaining revenue through the website
  • Online payment system for shopping stores
  • Online donate system for special programs.
  • Memberships with a subscription to achieve access to certain parts of the site.

Performing regular task online

We mainly keep interest on how clients are presently utilising their websites and check the issues occurring so that they can use it in a better way. With the improvement of technology, we can suggest a recent and simple way for administration task.

These are the task which can be performed online:

  • Make use of Auto generate email campaign through RSS using MailChimp, A Weber or Campaign Monitor.
  • Create web forms for ticketing systems like Zendesk or Bugheard
  • Making online forums to benefit team to communicate with their customer in easier way

Design Correlates with UX

Designers are driven by intuition and imagination most of the time. But what makes the effective is the methodology they adopt to relate with users. They have a strong imagination skill to understand the end user persona. There is no doubt that the design will be user-centric if the designer has a sense of buyer’s persona. Your design will have the ability to offer multiple solutions with a visual effect. Having said that, a designer working under a company will have a proper grip to UX then the one doing freelance. Why? Because they usually have skilful marketing heads working for them.

Wrapping Up

To the end, this post is related to design and its use to solve the different problem arising in business. A good website helps you to gather many audiences to your site.

A great design with a great marketing strategy is what it takes to bloom in the online world. If you think you have got your design sorted out, think again. And best of all, don’t be afraid to make changes and test it out like a chump. That’s what we call A/B testing which we do in our company.

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