E-commerce or Electronic commerce indicates buying and selling of different products around the world through internet. These days, e-commerce businesses are popular due to the great achievement from well-recognised sites on the web like eBay, Yahoo, Amazon and much more. E-commerce benefits shoppers to purchase the items as per their wish staying at their place comfortably. They simply require the device with Internet access. Payment is done through various methods like internet banking, credit cards, PayPal and cash on delivery.

E-commerce trends

According to the research, within the end of 2015, about 44% customers have shopped online and it is assumed that by 2018 the number of online shoppers will increase by approximately 50%. This shows E-commerce is evolving quickly as most of the customers prefer shopping from their home. So, integrating an online shopping business is something wise investment and new on the horizon and is a handy way to influence and retain the consumers. If you are E-commerce business owner, now it’s time to get familiar with E-commerce trends 2016 and update your business accordingly.

For your ease, Here are E-commerce trends 2016

Your business might be affected by Multi-channel shopping

While shopping online, every time you discover a useful and attractive product online and you might go to Amazon and discover the similar product there as well. This indicates multi-channel selling as it makes you engaged in the well-admired website with regular sales and provides various products via a multi-vendor structure.

Since almost every consumer gets an extensive selection of unique products from various sellers; they love to visit these multi-merchant websites. An interesting part is they only have to pay at the end. Almost every e-commerce business holder understands the advantages of multi- channel shopping and the requirement of the shopping are emerging day by day. Most of the business might get a problem if they do not focus on listing their items on the well-liked websites such that Amazon, eBay or ThemeForest.

Development in Buying Behavior

Since online shoppers are growing every year and are assumed people spend more on online shopping this year compared to the earlier year. If you are an online business proprietor and willing to make the most out of your business, then be ready to dive into the consumer data. Firstly, you have to understand who your real customer are and what they want from your business and what are they looking for and how to influence them to shop online. After analysing in these queries, I am sure you can develop customer’s buying behaviour.

To update your business with E-commerce trends 2016, you need to get ready to focus on your customer’s shopping behaviour. This surely helps to increase your sale in 2016 reducing the probability of shopping cart desertion.

Connecting with consumers via social media channels might not be sufficient

Everyone knows that social media sites are the best medium for every business to connect with their ideal customers and audiences. However, E-commerce trends 2016 reveals that connecting with customers via those social media channels might not be sufficient to boost the sales through e-commerce sites. Previously, social media sites were mostly utilised for connecting with consumers and making them like and comment on your post. At the time, you introduced the fresh items, most of the people would receive your products and blog posts when connected.

Today, the social e-commerce landscape is varying as almost every social media platform have initiated their system for advertising and selling the items. Social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and twitter have declared buttons that business can employ for posting and selling their products directly via social media channels. Similarly, some platforms, namely Shopify and Bigcommerce encloses Facebook selling incorporated.

Selling item in Lowest Price is not enough

E-commerce trends 2016 states that the sales will not be determined by competition in the price of items anymore. However, you need to pay more attention to customer experience as the user does not wish to visit and buy from the site where they feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

Thus, E-commerce business has to concentrate on the desire and requirement of their customers and make a site that is user-friendly. Along with attractive design, usable website influence many online buyers to shop from the site. Vendors who efficiently utilise feedbacks and suggestions to develop a good customer experience will obtain the benefits of scale compared to those who do not focus on these things.

Focus on mobile device

According to the research, about 4.88 billion of the world’s population has their own mobile device and focusing on mobile optimising will not harm your business. If you do not give importance of updating the mobile shopping circumstance, then you are standing back from today’s competitive marketplace and losing your ideal customers as well.

Nevertheless, this does not indicate you need to pay attention to mobile devices only and ignore desktop. The key aspect of the e-commerce business is to focus on multiple channel shopping and optimise the site accordingly. Additionally, you need to get familiar with the complete user journey and every type of device from where they browse your site.

Popup makes a successful response

Popup is the type of online advertisement within the world of internet that mostly focuses on influencing more web traffic together with capturing the email addresses. They are mostly the new web browser windows displaying an advertisement or additional promotion of the online business.

Make sure your online business holds pop up message. Since popup message makes a successful response it’s better to include it to make your website more popular among the targeted audiences. It is one of the best ways to offer something for free in the exchange of e-mail address. They work well on the e-mail marketing.

Wrapping Up,

These are everything that you need to know about E-commerce trends 2016. Updating your online business following the recent e-commerce trends surely make your online presence fresh and more effective. In the world of technology, e-commerce trends are always varying thus you need to be sure you bookmark the most exciting and remarkable e-commerce trend within your website.