Every year thousands of local business makes their way to the online world. Some have precise knowledge of how things work while some have no knowledge.

Now, it doesn’t matter if you are running a cleaning company or a law firm, your website must offer something that will keep the engine running for your business.

The code of success doesn’t differ for the accounting firm as well.

But the things just get worse with an accounting firm.


Because the website is the last thing an accountant would care about.

They depend more on word of mouth and referral programs.

And, this is where they get it all wrong.

Nowadays, more leads are generated through online than a traditional marketing.

So you might be wondering what exactly I should have in my accounting firm website to make it sales generating machine.

Here we discuss the 8 components that every accounting firm or CPA firm websites must have

Answer the question – What makes you different?

ask the question

Leads are great. But they don’t pay your bills till they become your customers. It doesn’t matter how good SEO you have done, if you can’t relate to your client’s problem, your clients will just leave. There are hundreds if not thousands of accountant waiting to pounce on every lead that comes toward them. So, what turns the lead to the customer?

Have a different voice than your competitors. Unfortunately, every accountant has the same generic things to say. Keep your heavy accountancy vocabulary to yourself. And, try to communicate through a layman’s eye.

List all your services like taxation and focus more on specialities that you cover. Cover the major accolade that you worked with. Offer the documents that can place a sense of trust on your customers. More importantly, share valuable stuff that shows your expertise.

About Page does Matter


As a digital marketing agency, we can’t put enough stress on the importance of about page. This is the second most important page after the homepage on a website.

This is where you can add value to your users. Sell you USP through this page by offering a story through it. Everyone loves story. Spill out the beans by sharing your personal journey to accounting. Add a team section and let them share their story in a unique way. Always have a face to show and don’t hind behind anonymity.

Accounting websites don’t mean you have to be in the suit every time. The funky way of delivering the message can connect with your ideal clients as well.

It should be about your ideal clients and not about just “YOU”


One of the common mistakes that most accounting websites do is they just can’t stop the praise for their skills and experience.

Big news champ. Your client has probably heard about it over and over again.

Don’t make it about you. Make it about them. Try to use less accounting lingo and follow the communication standard of a layman. If you can’t do it hire a copywriter and a digital marketing expert to work with your content strategy.

Spill the Trust Signals


Whether you are an accounting site or any other local website, trust is an important factor to converting leads. But how do you build trust?

Easy. Showcase your industrial background and portfolio that gets the talk rolling.

If you have ever worked with prolific names, here is where you want to telecast. Grab testimonials from every past client and have them on your website. Confused customers won’t buy anything. But if you win their trust, they certainly will.

Your website design shouldn’t look like 80’s Model

You will hear this claim a lot – “content is king.” But no one tells you that design is the queen.

If your web design SUCKS, you can kiss your visitor’s goodbye.

It’s the first impression that matters everywhere. People judge the book by its cover.

And, you can’t make an impression without a design that resonates with your clients.

Ask your friends and family to give an honest feedback about your website. If your website looks as old as your grandpa’s chair, then you have a big problem.

Thankfully, you don’t need to spend thousands to get a valuable website. You can always buy a WordPress theme and easily make a website.

However, if you need a professional outcome as well as a touch of your personal preference, you can always hire a small business company.

Your website shouldn’t SUCK at mobile

Every time we take our consultation classes with business owners, we tell them one thing over and over again. Make sure your website looks good in mobile.

This isn’t 1990 anymore. It’s an era of smartphones. Over 50% searches are made through mobile.

And, if your website is hard to access through mobile, you won’t have the loyal customers ringing the door bell.

How do you fix it?

Hire a web designer on Freelancer or Fiverr, and let them do the work for you.

Make it easy for your visitors to contact you

Who doesn’t love hassle-free system? No one wants to go to your website and start looking for an option to contact you.

As a business owner, you need to make it really simple for your visitors. Always have a contact button in the navigation and footer. Also, a sticky button that scrolls through scrolling makes it even easier to make an appointment.

Your contact form shouldn’t be long and boring. Just grab the most important details you need for an inquiry. Also, give an option to call you directly to fix an appointment.

Conversion optimisation is all about tests. So make enough tests before you hit your sweet spot.

Offer more options than just contact form


Sometimes, your users are not ready to buy. They are most likely in the first phase of buyer’s journey where they are looking for ideas.

This is where you can show your specialities by offering content with value. Create a blog and continuously update it with content that solves the problems of your target audience.

You don’t want a website that has just a contact page. Offer something valuable to your users that entice them to give up their email. Then, start nurturing your prospects with great content.

And, when the iron is red hot, turn your prospects into your clients.

Wrapping up,

So these are the 8 components that your website must have if you are an accountant. However, to ease things up, we highly recommend you consult with a digital marketing agency.